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Aneke and Inniss

When Chuks went down clutching his hamstring 2nd half on Tuesday we feared the worst. The man with the apparent glass muscles was playing only because he had his four-match ban overturned and now it looked as if he was going to be out injured. Charltonization at it’s finest.

But, that corner is there for the turning because today Lee Bowyer declared Chuks “fine” and fit. Good news, Aneke has been one of a few shining lights this season.

Ryan Inniss has been out since November. He’s only played 5 league games for us and in one of them he was sent off. Still he comes with the tag of defensive saviour.

Inniss is back training next week with the first team, and although it will be a slow build-up to match fitness it is welcoming news.

Nonetheless Inniss has only played 88 games in a career spanning eight seasons, and the most he has ever played in one season was last year at Newport County where he started 21 games. As one of my regular commenters would no doubt say…. Inniss’ Wikipedia page mentions the word injury seven times and that’s without a mention of his current one.

Sending off’s and prison are also searchable on his Wiki page, but I will take him as I find him, and he was very impressive when I’ve seen him play, and still only 25 with a lot to prove. I also really liked his lockdown interview he did with the Charlton Upbeats, which painted him as warmhearted, bright and attentive.

I hope Inniss comes back and smashes it. In the right way.

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  1. Norfolk Red #

    With Ryan’s injury record even prior to his long term absence more recently, and Famewo also a long-term absentee, it makes it even more baffling that Bows did not seek another CB signing in January? That decision has possibly cost Charlton a crack this season at the top 2 and certainly at the top 6. Anyway, hopefully Charlton are turning a corner since the Wigan result and Ryan can make a successful return soon. However, if Pearcey can consistently play like he did at Wigan and cuts out the silly errors then he deserves his place, no question.
    Oxford will pose a much sterner test so Charlton will need another fully committed performance . COYR!

    March 4, 2021
  2. Mike #

    Totally agree with you CA, as long as Inniss can keep injury free he will be a great asset, as we have already seen. But the big worry is, will he just be another Lewis Page, also a really good player, but unfortuantely constantly breaks down! Lets hope not, but it doesn’t look too promising, looking at his long list of injuries!
    What does concern me though, is any decent medical team would have advised Charlton not to sign him, not because of his ability, but due to his continous injury situation since, I believe 2013, which has seen him much more on the table than ever playing!

    March 4, 2021
  3. David Evans #

    Still buzzing from Tuesday night’s result at Wigan. Please can we have three more points at Oxford United on Saturday so that we can keep Karl Robinson quiet! Would like to see if Bowyer sticks with this winning team..

    March 4, 2021
  4. Shadow Play #

    Ryan Inniss was also a handful in attack in the few matches he played offering a physical presence. I’m pretty sure he got an assist and if not there was certainly a goal that was disallowed that he had a hand in. What I saw of him I liked, he took few prisoners and those few games he did play coincided with our best run of results. He and Famewo made a good partnership, he tended to attack the ball and Famewo did the clearing up stuff.

    Although he hasn’t played that many games he perhaps (like Jonny Williams) spent a long time as a squad player at a club who was only ever likely to play if several players ahead of him got injured, suspended or just needed to be rested. And why not? I assume the money was good but it can leave players on the shelf while others get game time and get ahead with their careers. At 25, like Williams a couple of years ago, he dropped down a couple of divisions to get regular football and then he got injured. At first glance he does seem to spend a lot of time with the physio but is that bad luck or the result of a recurring injury issue? We have him for next season so we shall see.

    March 4, 2021
  5. rierti #

    Some players seem to have ongoing injury problems which limit their appearances and that makes it paramount that the club has the best medical and physio personnel. It is also important that injured players are not rushed back into the first team without ‘tune-up’ games in the U23s.
    It was a nice (but long overdue) surprise to get a report of the U18s game against Colchester last Saturday. The fact that Euan Williams was back and got 3 goals was particularly pleasing. As the last report was in November I wonder how long he has been back.

    March 5, 2021

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