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Wigan Athletic 0 Charlton Athletic 1

Baby steps.

If Saturday was a head on car crash then tonight was of one of parallel parking where you get the car in the space without accident even though it is not very straight!

Tonight was not about the aesthetics, it was about the win and secondly it was about the desire to get that win.

Well, the Reds achieved both. 3 points won, and they came with plenty of battling qualities. There was some defensive frailties, or were they just a cause of my nervous disposition anytime Wigan got in our half?

Co-commentator Steve Brown, who I’d consider paying with my own money to become a defensive coach at the club, would highlight defensive deficiencies, but was also full of praise for the combative and assiduous display.

Bowyer made 7 changes, if he had made 11, you would have gotten no complaints from me.

We started well, with Aneke the sole striker but quickly supported by Washington and Millar and Smith, who had a really good first half I thought. JFC was a very welcome addition back in the side as well. A steady influence throughout.

We looked dangerous going forward and Aneke was a proper handful. He got his goal through an opposition cock-up, which was a nice change, but he still had to finish it, which he did.

For the rest of the 1st half it was really about would we score again, because we deserved to, but of course we didn’t. Although, how Aneke never got a penalty I will never know.

2nd half was backs to the wall, but the defence led by an outstanding Pearce held firm. Amos was commanding and whilst Maatsen was a bit worrisome on the left, Matthews was a huge mark up on Gunter at right back.

A win, whether it will mean anything or not come the end of the season, was very welcome all the same.

“A lot of senior players came in and it showed. Pearcey was outstanding. Ben Watson came in and was very good in front of the back four.” – Lee Bowyer

Photo credit: Kyle Andrews

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  1. Daggs #

    Three very valuable points (at last) Bowyer gets a lifeline ………….

    March 3, 2021
  2. Shetland Addick #

    Good win and a fighting performance that should at least put to bed the gossip that LB has lost the dressing room. IMO Bowyer has never needed a “lifeline” as the owner and the majority of supporters know that Rome isn’t built in a day and the manager hasn’t had a fair crack at the transfer market yet. Hopefully these 3 points will give the players a confidence boost and a few of the doom-mongers will get off theirs & the managers backs for a while. There will still be more lows as well as highs this season but stability for the club in terms of ownership and management is the recipe for long term success.

    March 3, 2021
  3. LP #

    Well that worked – You are very welcome CA – trouble is now do we watch on Saturday?

    March 3, 2021
  4. Mike #

    At last a well welcome win, but come on lets not get carried away, like Scott Minto saying we were fantastic!!! Come on lets be realistic and honest, we were playing the bottom club who have had more problems than anyone in the league with hardly any squad, with mostly freebies and loan players no one else wanted, including a make shift manager!
    They looked liked they would never score no longer how long they played, yet they caused us problems in the second half and were the better team but had no one to put the ball in the net, but they did try and fight, which has been lacking from a lot of Charlton games.
    Agree the first half we were on top, but managed just a single goal, taken well by Aneke, (who Charlton haven’t even offered a new contract to yet), but that was only due to a Charlton type cock up, by their two centre backs, besides that, apart from the penalty not given, we didn’t look like scoring another!
    Lets wait until we play Oxford and the other bottom clubs, who we can’t seem to beat, in the next few weeks to see how we fair, as Wigan as they currently are was no real test!

    March 3, 2021
    • Very good points Mike, but we have lost to bottom clubs but gone to Portsmouth and Ipswich and won and for long periods outplayed Peterborough.

      March 3, 2021
  5. howard lambie #

    I agree with you about Steve Brown, having him as defensive coach. When I used to watch him flying into tackles and putting his head where it hurts I just thought he was one of those wholehearted players that didn’t worry too much about getting hurt as long as he was playing football. But he has really surprised me (in a good way) with his knowledge of defending. Get him on the coaching staff Thomas.

    March 3, 2021
  6. rierti #

    Getting Steve Brown back into the club as a coach should be a priority and would put him in a good place to manage the U23s when Jason Euell moves on to club management. Would also be a great candidate to manage the Academy when Steve Avory retires.

    March 3, 2021
  7. David Evans #

    Good to get a valuable three points but the second half was a very nervy affair. Wigan Athletic fight to the bitter end and should be congratulated for giving us a hard-fought match. More nerves are coming on Saturday away to Karl Robinson’s Oxford Utd who seem to be putting in a shift for the play-offs. I will follow the Valley Pass commentary, which is a real breath of fresh air. Steve Brown – Legend; give him a role to play at CAFC. COYR…

    March 3, 2021
  8. Norfolk Red #

    Good win last night with plenty of effort and commitment from EVERYONE so credit where its due. It may have come against one of the lower performing teams in the league but a win is a win! However, one swallow doesn’t make a summer and that display should be the benchmark for future games. Effort is a given.
    Commitment is a given. Pride is a given. Fans can accept losing but its the manner in which games are lost. Hopefully the team has turned a corner but tougher opposition awaits. Onwards and upwards! COYR.

    March 3, 2021

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