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Thomas Q&A

What a very enjoyable evening in the company of Thomas Sandgaard that was.

The CAST Zoom Q&A with the new Addicks’ owner hosted by Heather McKinlay, Sam Cooke and Andrew Buckland was expertly executed tonight with Thomas resplendent in a dinner jacket sat in his home in Colorado, and boy can that man talk!

With the clock ticking towards 9.30pm and people back at home thinking about their bedtime cocoa, Thomas was more than happy to answer anyone of the endless questions posed to him from what I think was more than 500 people online from around the world.

I was a little late onto the call because I was on a work one, but apparently Thomas opened up the meeting with his guitar. What a character, and where and how did we find him?

No subject was taboo, and I understand there will be a write up tomorrow on the CAST site, plus the club will soon show the interview on Valley Pass.

Sandgaard talked about an wide range of topics, shirking no question, and also, captivatingly, about his first opinions of the club that he bought still only 10 weeks ago. The positives (the amazing staff), the negatives (the leeches looking for money), how his time is divided working with his own company, Synex, and working on his new love, the Addicks.

All in all, with the CAST crew expertly compering, It was a very enjoyable two hours in his company. I say that because that is how he makes you feel, like he is actually having a one-on-one conversation, even though I was one of hundreds listening online whilst sat on the sofa at home.

His goal of playing in Europe within the next decade was giddily but cynically dissected, and let’s be honest, Thomas is a dreamer, but he is an intelligent and stubborn one, with a track record of success. Aim big and adjust goals and ambitions, but have ambition in the first place was the clear message. Where do I sign up Thomas I’m all in!

One immediate improvement Thomas has made is to the watch at home live experience. With effect from Saturday Valley Pass will be a complete tailor made Charlton offering with a pre-match, half-time and post-match show hosted by Scott Minto and the streamed game will include a range of camera angles, as opposed to the one it has now. Terry and Greg will still commentate thankfully because one thing we can’t lose is their wisdom, passion and their utter biases!

The second item of soon to happen enrichment, possibly tomorrow, is that of a new head physio. No names mentioned, except we may know them!

Anyway, after all these years of lies, deception and being treated like a second class customer, what a pleasure it was to spend time with someone that passioniate, and honest with a thirst to understand what our football club really means. Thanks again to the CAST folk too.


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  1. Sorry I take exception about Smith and Stubley comments the 2 lovers and you should all be remember that they are part of The Charlton Live/ Pass teams who are basically the same “individuals” who are part of the teams that CONDON LIVE & VICIOUS personal attacks live on matchday broadcast.
    They need to change the commentators and both way past it and frankly PATHETIC.

    December 11, 2020
  2. rierti #

    As you know I and many others follow CAFC at first team U23s and U18s level and the lack of information in the last few weeks regarding the U23s and U18s is very disappointing.
    Earlier this week the U23s played against Brentford B, no mention at all from CAFC but BFC supporters could watch the game on ifollow and it was also on their twitter site and they gave a post match report on their website. THE GAME WAS AT OUR TRAINING GROUND.
    I obviously applaud any improvements to first team coverage but also wish the club would improve coverage of U23s and U18s.
    Although the number of fans that attend these games (in normal times) is limited most are dyed in the wool supporters that have followed the club for many years, 60 plus in my case.
    I hope that TS would take note of this comment and take some positive action about this situation.
    I am sure that many supporters who only watch the first team would also appreciate better information on the U23s and U18s as these players are the future of the club.

    December 11, 2020
    • Absolutely agree. TS appears very focused on the academy and the teams across the whole system, so I really hope they give better coverage of the teams below the first team. Live coverage doesn’t seem too difficult except for some required manpower.

      December 11, 2020
      • rierti #

        Thank you for your valued support, much appreciated, I think it’s a worthwhile cause.

        December 11, 2020
  3. howard lambie #

    Roland?????? Freudian slip, but we know who you mean!

    December 11, 2020

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