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West Ham away

What a right old knees up that would have been if we’d been allowed to travel to West Ham in the League Cup 2nd Round. Other than playing the Nigels a couple of times, this is probably our best League Cup draw for two decades. Poxy Covid!

The Hammers’ Tax Payers Stadium has a cup allocation of 8,000. We would have taken that many wouldn’t we?

Add that to the away league games loaded into the front of the season at Crewe, Lincoln, Ipswich, Blackpool, Northampton, Portsmouth and Gillingham and that is a lot of proper day’s out missed.

The 2nd Round game is due to take place on Tuesday 15th September, when we may, may, have had some good news to celebrate as well. Pah 😤

We haven’t played West Ham in more than 13 years, this after being annual friendly foes throughout the late 90’s and 2000’s. There’s enough connections for Sky Sports to be interested, although they will no doubt be fawning over Everton and Salford, but it may be on the box, but it’s just not the same is it?

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