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We go again

The smile on my face from last Saturday has been replaced by thoughts of the next game, which arrives this Saturday early afternoon, early morning here.

We were better than Hull in many departments fundamentally in the areas of fitness and general oomph.

We will play a lot better sides than Hull City in this mini-season. That first game back was massive, but all of the first three games hold so many opportunities for us, if we can take them.

The players should be well rested but I expect Bowyer to make changes but it wouldn’t appear essential. After this one we play 3 games in 6 days where rotation will become paramount.

I wonder if Bow will be tempted to move back to a back five after his 4-4-2 at Hull? I’d rather a back four with a midfield diamond where Pratley can add another wall of defence with our more creative players able to play further up to pitch. I’d expect Williams to start. Purrington too. Aneke and McGeady I am sure will enter from the bench at some point later in the game.

Yep, that smile has been replaced by nerves! COYR.

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