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90 +4

As Charlton Athletic get tossed about like a rag doll between a couple of rabid dogs desperate to wring out some unjust dirty money, today will forever be remembered as, well, that day.

My brother and I got a cab from his house in Stoke Newington to Paddington early on that Sunday morning. We were both jet-lagged and a little quiet as the driver attempted to make conversation.

The tube to Wembley Park was almost empty except for a few families of Sunderland fans, as friendly as always. We were still pretty sleepy when the sight of Wembley Way hit us like a rock. It was still morning, yet the surrounding areas of the stadium, were rammed in a sea of red and white.

We had gathered some friends and made our way uphill to the Green Man pub, which for the day was doing a very good impression of the Covered End. My son, his mates, our mates and other familiar faces arrived at the pub and the atmosphere and beer flowed.

However long before 2pm, it was time to descend the hill for my first ever glimpse inside of the new Wembley.

What followed was a truly memorable 94 + 5 minutes.

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    Bloody great day. Amazing to see so many Reds there. My first time seeing Charlton at Wembley (was working in ’98). The equaliser was a great goal, the winner was just what we needed at the time, none of us could have stood another 30 mins.
    Whatever happens with the various quick buck merchants circling the club you have to keep thinking that better days are ahead, It might be that one fan wins £100m on the lottery and bails the club out, sets up a good board with fan involvement, gains investment and builds a sustainable structure favouring youth and good pro’s. Sounds crazy but then so does something going our way 90+4

    May 26, 2020
    • And we know there were a fair few people there that weren’t Charlton fans, i.e walked down the hill from the pub for example with George Lapslie’s brother in law, but the scenes, the pictures, the celebrations.. it tells me how deep the feelings run for this club of ours.

      As for the lottery, I am only a phone call away from my Mum telling me I’ve won the big one.

      May 26, 2020

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