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Puppy love

I’ve always been pretty indifferent to pets, not overly worried either way. As a kid we had a cat, a dog (for a while), goldfish, budgerigars, probably a school gerbil, I can’t remember, but I never felt the need of fluffy company in adult life.

Yet, ever since my daughter learnt to speak a dog was always on the radar, with strong backing from the dog-loving-other-half I was always under pressure, and have done bloody well to hold out for, well about 9 years 😆🐶.

In fact last year we made the decision, well I was outvoted, to start the search for a puppy. This was almost certainly going to have to come in from the UK, so I had family feelers out there looking for breeders, and this year we would have added a pet to our family.

A small dog, non-shedding, easy to manage and one we were able to transport around was the pick — Mini Dachshund, French Bulldog, Corgi, Boston Terrier were all on the list.

So far, so good. But then as the COVID-19 shutdown took hold, it became very clear that us getting a puppy in from the UK this year was looking impossible. My daughter, who had been as patient as patient could be, was understanding, but with a look of inevitably that she was never going to get the puppy she craved.

Three weeks ago however she found out that one of the swim team Mum’s breed’s labradors, and 6 weeks earlier had a litter of seven chocolate boy’s…. they live around the corner, and there was one left!

And you know the rest….. Not a breed that was ever on a list, and a lot more dog than we me wanted, but a beautiful, family loving and faithful new member of the household nonetheless.

Say hello to Rolo, who arrived yesterday.

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  1. Welcome to Rolo. You really couldn’t ask for a lovelier dog CA. We lost our beloved Abi in 2007, we had her from when she was a pup, she was 14. We were heartbroken, Abi really was part of the family.

    Two years passed & Sharon wanted a dog in her life again. We got Max from Labrador Rescue, he was two. He’ll be 13 next month & I am dreading the day we have to say goodbye.

    But like Abi, he has filled our lives with joy. Like us, he adores Cornwall & loves the seas.

    Enjoy Rolo mate, he will enrich your lives……& take your mind off Charlton!

    May 10, 2020
  2. Charltonlanedave #

    Fantastic! What a smasher too.

    May 10, 2020
  3. Thanks Dave. I know you pup has invigorated your life.

    May 10, 2020
  4. Richard #

    Mate, i had a black lab, and he was great. Loved him. I see you’ve got a chocolate one…so the non shedding thing has gone for a burton lol. Oh yes…and don’t leave any food out…like ever. He’ll scoff the lot as they are eating machines. But all the hassle will be worth it. They are a lovely breed and if you’re not in love yet, you soon will be. Enjoy…

    May 11, 2020
  5. Shadow Play #

    The only canine advice I can offer is to set a few ground rules as early as possible, he sleeps in the utility room at night or wherever and gets fed at certain times. Dog training should begin ASAP – the adage about getting old dogs to learn new tricks has some truth in it.

    Good luck…

    May 12, 2020
    • SP – day three today, and this evening he scratched at the door to go outside for a 💩. Big move!

      Thanks everyone for the advice. Much welcome.

      May 12, 2020

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