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Gallagher signs for Swansea. Send for recruits

Swansea unveiled Conor Gallagher today on a 6-month loan. Farewell young man and thanks for the memories. The 19-year old was a pleasure to watch and he leaves SE7 with some very complimentary comments. Hopefully he continues his development in South Wales, which appears furthest from his parent club’s mind who mostly it appeared just wanted to pocket a loan fee and receive a larger payment towards his weekly salary, which I am led to believe is higher than any player at Charlton.

Enough Chelsea bashing, they offered us him, we took him and accelerated his career and there was always a chance that the loan would be terminated early. The pitfalls of our previous regime’s reliance on shopping in Lidl and populating the team with loan deals, whereas they should accentuate the team not dominate it.

Credit to Steve Gallen again for a plum pick and to Lee Bowyer and Johnnie Jackson for some terrific development, which I am sure will not have gone unnoticed by Chelsea’s academy behemoth and Frank Lampard. We’ll wait and see if Cooper and his coaches are able to do the same. At least we won’t have to face them again this season.

In recent months Gallagher has had to play with other younger players, whereas I am sure Chelsea would’ve preferred it to be Williams and Cullen, but his performance against West Brom was at least a nice way to sign off.

We move on, but I hope that Gallen has plenty more tricks up his sleeve because thus far this transfer window we’ve signed Andre Green but lost Gallagher, Jonathan Leko, Joe Ledley and today Beram Kayal returned to Brighton after surgery.

Much was hoped of Kayal but he played just 211 minutes for the Addicks, just a bit more than an hour more than he did for Israel in three games, a source of frustration for Bowyer I’m sure.

It says a lot about our injury nightmare this season that Kayal hardly ever missed a game for Celtic or Brighton in his ten years in the UK.

So, halfway through the month and lots of transfer work to be done and our threadbare squad now has a Conor Gallagher size gap in it.

As for Marcus Maddison, Peterborough may have accepted our offer, but that doesn’t mean that Maddison will, and I am sure he will play a waiting game to see what else develops this month.

Don’t you love Addicks’ transfer windows?

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  1. Bob Miller #

    CA, I fail to comprehend the why’s and wherefore’s of Gallagher’s sudden departure. He will play in the same league, against the same competition, except will be a couple of hundred miles from his home base and have to quickly meld into and adjust to a brand new squad, after doing so well at Charlton. As well, I cannot fathom Charlton not now being financially capable of matching any arrangements offered by Swansea or anybody else in the league for that matter. I could see it if he went to a struggling Premiership side with the guarantee of starting and not warming the bench, but that is not the case. Does that not open realistic conjecture as to other factors, perhaps further up the corporate ladder, that have led to this decision?

    January 15, 2020
  2. And the photo?????

    January 16, 2020
  3. Rick Weeks #

    CA, I must take exception to your disparaging words about Lidl..Their Pissing Vinegar is the best there is …As a Charlton supporter, i’ve used it many times..

    January 16, 2020
    • I thought Lidl only sold Pissing Vinegar in their St Truiden store!

      January 16, 2020

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