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Here’s Jonny

The signing of Jonny Williams yesterday was a huge boost. Williams is clearly an infectious and popular character, and the strength of team and group over individuals is paramount for Bowyer, and the Welshman is a key signing.

Williams only played 19 games for us after his sensible for both parties short-term signing at the beginning of January, but he affected games on many occasions, no more so than at Wembley, when his 71st minute appearance turned the tide our way.

What was obvious in the games he played was that he is clearly a Championship quality player, and in fact his game is more suited for the higher level. I hate to think how many times he was fouled during those 19 games.

We need to keep Williams fit, but it says an awful lot about him and his hunger to play for Bowyer, the club and it’s fans that he has taken a huge pay cut to do so. He has been through a lot so far in his career, but he knows he has found a happy place and we are very glad to see that smile back in SE7.

Steve Gallen said: “Everyone is really pleased to get Jonny back. I know the fans will be as well, the staff, players, everybody. He’s really popular in the changing room, really popular amongst everybody so we’re really, really pleased to do this one.”

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  1. Shadow Play #

    Yep, while the signings we’ve made so far have been good they have all been L1 and L2 players who are taking a step up the career ladder. We need a few players with either Championship or Prem experience who know what football at this level is about.

    I too think his game will be suited to the Championship, he played his best games for us in open flowing sort of matches, in many other games against teams that just came to defend he simply had a marker planted on him and he was rarely able to show his creativity. Although he scored no goals and had only a couple of assists he featured in a lot of moves that lead to goals and I like his character, clearly he just wants to play rather than be sat on the bench/stands collecting a wage.

    July 20, 2019
  2. LB said he will add experience, and although Williams brings some of that, and character, he has never played a full season in his career. Yet.

    So let’s see who he brings in with experience. This summer’s Pratley if you like, who was a superstar at the end of the season.

    Our budget means we are shopping L1, L2 and loans but like Curbs did and Powell when he rebuilt the L2 team, character, work ethic and really having something to prove are the most sought after assets for SG and LB.

    The clock is ticking but we have to be patient.

    July 21, 2019
  3. LP #

    Hi Chicago – happy new season. Here we go again. Great about Williams though.
    So, here is a question for you and your readers which I need help with. Am I the only burke that is still protesting and not getting a season ticket? Am I the only one left that hates that man so much I do not want to give him a penny of my money? I feel like I am surrounded by people buying season tickets – they have all crawled out of the woodwork on the strength of a good day out at Wembley – none of them have bothered with 3rd division football (and from what we suffered until Bowyer came along, I can’t really blame them) – but here they all are. I just need to know if I’ve been left behind and am the only mug left. It has been suggested to me that they think their money is going to Bowyer and the team – and I guess if I knew that was true I might feel differently. But I still can’t get past what this man did to Standard Liege or escape from the feeling that he will do the same to us – and I still feel ‘not with my bloody hard-earned money’. Not when he has made so much of his time as an owner such a miserable experience.

    July 21, 2019
    • Hi LP – I know many who refuse to buy season tickets. I know a fair few whose refuse to give him any money at all. Dave @drinkingduringthegame is one for example.

      I haven’t bought a ST, or anything from the club shop or sponsored anything since he has been owner, but I’m a different case as I live overseas.

      I have always been ‘back the team, and not the owner.’ Although with some of managers and players that had worn the shirt during the last five or more years, that was often very hard to do.

      What Bowyer did with Jacko to rebuild the trust, the bond, the relationship between team and fan is as remarkable as winning promotion. And I for one jumped on the ride.

      I was at Wembley, I was at Doncaster, and I will add to my recent total of appearances this season, and I will buy a ticket to support MY club, OUR club and that team. Not that twat.

      But at the end of the day LP, it is your choice.

      I’d be interested in others views as well.


      July 21, 2019

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