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Don’t know about you but I’m becoming besotted by this World Cup. So much to see and enjoy, and the noise and the colour in the stadiums brings back for me childhood memories of Mexico ‘86 and Italia ‘90. There’s been goals, not one 0-0 draw in 32 games, a desire to win games and not lose them, drama, excitement, shocks, VAR nonsense, good and bad and bloody England scored five first half goals. In one game.

Yes Panama played like a hungover Sunday league side but they did beat the might of Trumpy and the free world to make it to Russia, and we have hardly breezed by this standard of nation before in competitions.

It was a very enjoyable watching experience seeing a young English team play with freedom and such attacking decisiveness. I like the cut of Southgate’s jib, and then there are players that one can truly get behind such as Kane, Stones, Lingard, Maguire and Trippier. More so, and I’m only sat in my house here on the couch, it just seems more fun than other years. I hope that continues.

Other than Group A and England’s group where we have the quandary of is it better to finish top or 2nd, although by Thursday most of the 2nd Round slots will be filled, the other six groups are wide open and this week we have the mouthwatering prospect of potentially Iran putting out Portugal, Nigeria packing off Argentina, Serbia knocking out Brazil and South Korea kicking the Germans out. Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen.

Meanwhile I wonder how my amateur Bermuda TV channel is going to carry two games at the same time.

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  1. Shadow Play #

    Yep, I went in with low expectations, fearing a Putin showpiece and traditional English performance, lots of running around before tamely surrendering. For once in Southgate we have a manager picking players to the formation and strategy he wants – and he signalled his intent by leaving Wilshere and Hart behind, how many recent England managers would have done that? I like how he’s paired Stones and Maguire at CB with the latter taking the ball out of defence which means he can dispense with one of his two defensive midfielders and play a more attacking formation. OK we won’t win the WC, but at least we’ve got through the qualifying round easily for once and we are playing some good football that makes the most of the talents our players possess. So we are good for two matches more at least, this is one party I feel I belong at rather than a disinterested spectator which is usually the case.

    June 25, 2018

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