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30 hours

Flying to Heathrow tonight from JFK. Slightly warmer in the UK, although I saw snow forecast but think it may be oop north. I’m home for just tomorrow, and fly back to Bermuda on Wednesday, so just the 30 hours on English soil and no football. Work and being in Colorado, proper chilly there, from next Saturday the reasons why it is a flying visit.

I will stay with a mate in Chislehurst and see my son for dinner tomorrow night. He has just finished his A Level mocks and sounds super stressed. He’s at an age now where I can, almost legally (about 4 weeks time) buy him a pint so hopefully he can relax, although plenty of more exam stress to come for him over the next couple of months.

He’s pretty opioniated on starting a work apprentice in the Autumn as opposed to going to university, which I think has put the school’s nose out of joint as they appear to see that as the only post school route.

With my help he’s had some good exposure to work experience in the City and some invaluable insight into what work apprenticeship’s entail. Has anyone else’s son or daughter taken this route after A Levels?

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  1. charltonlanedave #

    That’s the route I took CA and I am just about to finish after 37 years with the same company. Good luck to him – I don’t think he is making a bad decision at all.

    January 15, 2018
  2. Ooh. You leaving?

    January 15, 2018
  3. Shadow Play #

    Tricky, go to uni and graduate in three years with a degree and something close to £40 or £50k in debt, a lot of students are therefore choosing the apprenticeship route. I suppose this ultimately depends on his career plans and some jobs require degrees, for others they are useful but a good employer with a good apprenticeship programme can effectively provide degree level training and you get paid while you are doing it. You say he’s just about to turn 18 and it doesn’t work out for him then he can always go to uni at 19 or 20. The difference isn’t that great.Another downside is not leaving home and mucking in with others at his age – uni is about broadening your horizons, call me biased but uni students tend to have a greater breadth to their outlook on life than non students. Good luck to him.

    January 15, 2018

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