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No protests, no options, no Ajose

CARD issued a statement today which states that there will be no in match protests that could detract from a potentially successful promotion campaign, however other plans are being made.

Possibly the other plans could mean further protests in Duchatelet’s home country and town, which I personally feel at this stage make more of an impact.

I think CARD’s approach is sensible and underscores the mantra of supporting the team (and manager) but not the regime. However everything is still not rosy behind the scenes and I think the inability to bring in another striking option other than an untried Rangers’ reserve shows how much Duchatelet is still stifling ambition at the club. Not for the first time we’ve started well, and possibly have the best looking first XI we’ve seen since Powell left, but again we enter the autumn and winter and the long slog of three games a week with a paper thin squad lacking in experience, depth and options.

Talking of options, Robinson said in his press conference yesterday that “There won’t be too many surprises in the team (for Bury) as we don’t have too many players left!”

Kashi and Solly will play, but Holmes is suspended and Reeves not ready. There are whispers of a move away from Robinson’s 4-5-1 formation. It’s hard to see what other alternatives he has. Robinson was allowed to bring players in to make his system work, but he wasn’t allowed any substitutes, possibly with the exception out wide, but Marshall is injured. He does of course have cover at centre-half.

KAG will probably start, but the boy needs a goal. The other option is going more narrow and making room in midfield for either Konsa or Aribo.

One player we won’t see involved tomorrow is Nicky Ajose. The on-loan striker’s agreement with Charlton means he would have had to sit out tomorrow, but in any case word from Bury is that he has fallen out with manager Lee Clark and won’t be picked again. One Bury fan said an alleged bust up with fellow player Ryan Lowe was the start of his issues with Clark. Interestingly Robinson was asked again yesterday of his decision to let Ajose leave.

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  1. Well nothing new there then and can only happen at Charlton and with yet another wafer thin squad and Gobbo trying to make a joke out of it : well there’s not that many left”
    But we all know this is true and he had the whole summer to sort things out!!!
    Intereresting on Costa’s position at Chelski everyone stating the past is in the past, well we supporters still praying for this vile Regime to go.
    Also it must be stressed on some of the blogs and so- called media who give live commentary, but condon vile insults live on air and yes people have stong opinions, but without any swearing but some can forget, but others continue with the blocks and refuse to even to read emails sent to Maritime and respond to Jacquie Lawson cards, well that is insulting and certain media can not let be past be past!!!
    Double standards and hyprocrosy right

    September 22, 2017
  2. Neil #

    So we’re not out of september yet but we have a suspension and a few injuries and we have few options left. Bury sitting in 22nd place and we are worried about playing them at home. Man! That was a brief dream. Robinson has gone on about the backing he recieved. So who left us in this utterly pathetic position. Seems like the old mistakes and the tight fisted attitude of every transfer window weren’t gone after all….
    Ken Shabby

    September 23, 2017

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