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Charlton Athletic 1 Bury 1

Mid table here we come..

Or maybe a flirtation with the play-off’s, but automatics? If I look at the table Peterborough, Bradford, Wigan and Scunthorpe all look pretty steady, and each of them have had 9 tougher games than we have. Then there is always a surprise package, and Shrewsbury have carried that torch exceptionally well so far. Even Blackpool are above us, bless ’em. 

It’s early days for sure, but the detail behind the statistics don’t show us in a good light. We’ve played the bottom four and gained only 4 points from 12. We’ve played one of the top 6 and got well and truly thrashed. 

By all accounts the first half hour today was awful. Shades of Slade unfortunately. There was a purple patch before half-time which led to our goal, but we were simply not good enough, even accounting for Bury being better than their league position would suggest, they fully deserved their point. They appeared quicker, and Clark did a job on us. No plan B, no options, nothing off the bench, and teams are starting to find Robinson out. 

And if I hear once more Robinson bemoan the fact that Marshall and Reeves are injured I will scream. Heaven help us if they aren’t very good because KR’s making them sound like the messiah. Clarke and Pearce might apparently now join them on the sidelines. Brill. 

Oh, and a Saturday afternoon game and a crowd of 9,895 with loads of Greenwich University comps. The early season bubble is deflating quickly. 

Quote: “When the whistle went, it was like you could hear a pin drop around the stadium.”
Addick Bloggers: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap.
Photo: Keith Gillard

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