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Sint-Truiden or Northampton?

I am back in the UK down at my parents in East Sussex arriving early yesterday morning to a grey but promising South Downs day (photo). My trip back was to see family and join hundreds of other Addicks in Belgium this coming weekend, as it turns out it is now one of convalescing after recent surgery which came about very suddenly.

Belgium is still on my and my brother’s mind but we will make a late decision and as an alternative may go to Northampton instead. If my surgeon is reading this then I am at home in Bermuda, sat on the couch reading a book.

I expect the numbers going to Sint-Truiden to swell this week beyond the already committed 250. We were always going to go under our own steam and I expect many others will join up in the Grote Markt on Saturday unannounced.

After the announcement of the protests being taken to Duchatelet’s home town the Northampton game turned into a bit of anti regime pro team tug of war but 7 games later I find it hard to imagine there are many Addicks still capable of supporting the owner and his CEO as they slowly strangle our club to death.

The atmosphere at Sixfields could turn into it’s own large scale demonstration, not seen at a game since Robinson took charge.

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  1. Nigel Reddick #

    I wish you a speedy recovery CA and hope that the Op was an end to it.

    My son insists on going to every game that he can, so we are in the Molton College Stand, row H, seat 105 and 106. If you go to Northampton, look us up if you can!

    I expect and hope that there is plenty of protest at the game, to support the legends that are going to Belgium. But I also hope that as usual, we get behind the team, as no matter what we feel about them and Karl, we want them to do well.

    Wherever you go I hope you have an enjoyable time. We’ll have a laugh and a sing song no matter what!

    Pembury Addick

    March 2, 2017
  2. Mark #

    I’ll join Pembury in my good wishes for a speedy recovery CA …. but watching Charlton at the moment is not a recommendation for anyone recovering from sickness or surgery – feelings of intense frustration, anger and resignation are bound to be experienced, leading to likely peaks in blood pressure.
    A trip to Belgium may be more sedentary and less stressful….

    You have been a very naughty boy to take such a long flight after recent surgery, but it sounds as though you have survived the pressure changes that can do all sorts of nasty things to recently opened wounds!

    I agree that it is hard to thing of anyone who is still supporting the regime – though I guess that the Forum’s resident idiot (we all know who that is!) will still be singing their praises even as the Valley is demolished around him to build the blocks of flats that Duchatelet will be part-financing – and taking a vast profit from. Perhaps the village idiot is hoping to get a penthouse flat, from where he will be able to pick out the pin-prick of the club’s new 10,000 seater home on the Greenwich pensinsula which was part of the deal….

    Good luck to all of you taking the trip over the channel….. I hope that there will be at least 400/500 of you “disgruntled ex-employees” to rock the old goat in his home town.

    March 2, 2017

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