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Millwall 3 Same old Charlton Athletic 1

Instead of taxing my mind and creating a new blog post to attempt to explain another capitulation by a Charlton team against our most local of rivals. I decided instead to copy and paste this report from a game we played at the Den on March 13th, 2010. Same old Charlton….

Action not words: Millwall 4 Same Old Charlton 0

The most disgusting thing about today was that it wasn’t any surprise. All that old tosh all week from Kinsella, Bailey, Parkinson et al. What a load of bollocks, same old Charlton. They really f**king know how to piss you off don’t they?

For 40-odd minutes we actually appeared to be playing alright, matching them in the battling stakes, silencing those moronic inbreds but we weren’t really threatening and more worryingly Llera and Dailly were sounding rather pedestrian in the centre of defence. Then bang, who else but Darren bloody Ward heading in unmarked just inside an unoccupied upright right on half-time from a corner.

Together with team selection, game tactics and substitutions, half-time team talks separate good managers from average ones and Parky failed yesterday on every level. He apologised for the whole debacle of course, but words are easy. Pardew was an exceptionally good wordsmith. Curbs wasn’t. No doubt spouting from Sparrows Lane all week will be atonement but I don’t want to hear anymore words I want to see some action.

Not for the first time in my 35 years of supporting Charlton, the only people that came out of yesterday with any credit were those men, women and children who paid to watch that gutless performance. The 3,000 Addicks were awesome first half making a load of noise over the Millwall commentary team I was listening to on CAFC TV as our own link didn’t seem to be working (add in own analogy here). (Photo up top is of the 2,136 Addick’s at the game tonight).

The 2nd half was an embarrasing capitulation. It is days like yesterday and I will remind myself of this again tomorrow when I walk into the office, that I’m pleased that I live on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean because, at least in my office, unless you support Man U, then no one is bothered. I feel for everyone who has to carry the affliction of being a Charlton fan around with them this week, I really do. I’ve done it, I’ve lived with the pain after many, many Millwall games at school, at home (our neighbours for 15 years were Millwall season ticket holders) and at work.

There are no excuses for what happened in the second half today, we literally rolled over. No fight, no balls, no answer. It was embarrassing but this was not a freak result, we’ve played spasmodic at best for a while, Yeovil probably our best footballing performance in the dozen games since the turn of the year.

Addick Bloggers at The Den tonight: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap; Doctor Kish.

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  1. Chris #

    I DID say ages ago……”Karl is NOT the Messiah…….He’s a very naughty boy !!!!”….

    December 22, 2016
  2. #


    December 22, 2016

    What did your son make of it CA? I took mine again last night and he rightly said we played for the first ten minutes after half time (again) and that was all. I’d happily not see them again for the rest of the season, but my son is insisting on going to Southend, on his own if necessary, so I’ve just ordered two tickets. We must be bleedin mad!

    Last night really took us to a new low.

    Pembury Addick

    December 22, 2016
  4. Mark #

    Robinson is very much like that old hero of mine…. Muhammed Ali. They both “shoot from the lip”, but there the similarity ends. Ali delivered, Robinson doesn’t – well, not so far anyway.

    If you are going to talk the talk Karl, you have to also walk the walk and deliver what you promise.
    The problem is you have joined the ‘nut-job’ of the Football League, sorry, the “English League (with one Welsh club – Newport County)”. You obviously didn’t realise the gaping holes in the squad that you have inherited, which was largely the cause of Russell Slade’s down-fall – and for that the finger points firmly in the direction of La Meire.

    IF the regime doesn’t deliver the cash…. IF Robinson is not able to dabble successfully in the transfer window to bring players in to balance the squad and provide some reserves then the club’s freefall towards division 2 will continue.
    So many IF’s and no firm answers, or hope, I fear.
    The cash will come on from ‘cashing-in’ on our assets – and I’m not so sure that a Premier League club is going to pay £10m for Lookman and then be happy to see him play out the season back with us in division 1…. they’d want to bring him along within their own set-up surely?

    Nigel, I hope you enjoy the day-trip to Sarfend … if the football is of the standard that we all expect you can always enjoy a post match pot of jellied eels on the sea-front.
    Sadly I’m now far too divorced from the regime to even be bothered to attend home matches, let alone go away…. and I won’t return until the regime has buggered back off where they came from – and hopefully jumping off the ferry half-way to Ostend!

    Good match report CA …. same old same old at the New Den – we’ve been there sooo many times before, God that snowy December night all those years ago seems like a dream now. Millwall obviously want to beat us more than we want to beat them – the motivation for Charlton just isn’t there. Oh yes, words are fine – but it’s deeds that count at the end of the day and far too many different Charlton squads have come up with the same end result … humiliation.

    December 22, 2016

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