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Getting to Know The Network

I’m a bit late with this but it is most definitely worth a plug and over 10,000 people have already listened to them I believe but as the pro-Duchatelet brigade get louder and the splits amongst the fan base get a little wider I implore all Charlton fans to listen to the recently released Getting to Know The Network. Whatever your view of how Duchatelet and Meire are running the club these two initial podcasts of an eventual set of four are required listening.

The first podcast called The Inheritance studies the club under Tony Jimenez and Michael Slater, but backed by Kevin Cash and tells an incredible story of what a mess the club was left in after Jimenez off-loaded it to Duchatelet, following the minimum of due diligence by the Belgian. The over reaching message however is how closely knit the playing and coaching staff were under Powell, despite the financial issues behind the scenes that Powell was having to deal with.

The 2nd podcast is called The Wrecking Ball and it takes on the story of the club following the takeover by Roland Duchatelet and the appointment of CEO Katrien Meire. I’d be interested in those pro-Duchatelet supporters opinion of the two emails uncovered during the podcast’s investigation. Horrifying and I believe there are more to come.

It has since been confirmed by Duchatelet that the emails are authentic. The Belgian accused Chris Powell of releasing them but Getting to Know The Network have said that they did not get them from Powell.

Getting to Know The Network is superbly produced and I love the Serial-esque music. The two episodes are truly eye-opening, even if much of the story was known or understood to be known. But never has it been told so well and the podcasts led by former Charlton digital content manager Jimmy Stone are a tremendous piece of journalism.

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  1. Mark #

    Excellent comments CA – and sport on.
    I implore ALL Addicks, no matter where you are in the spectrum of support for the Regime, to listen into this excellent series.
    It is factual and non-judgemental.
    I thought I knew all that has been going on at the Valley in the last half decade, but obviously not – this has proved that there are vast gaps in my knowledge of what has truly being going on pre and post takeover.

    I can’t wait for the next episode – but there again I also dread hearing it, because of what else it may reveal about the slow death of the club that I have supported for over 50 years…

    A debt of gratitude is owed to those who produced the programme and who have obviously spent such a long time researching everything.
    An edited version of the series should be a must for Radio 5 Live to broadcast at some time in the future, as a warning to all football supporters as to just what could happen to their clubs – as it has already happened to varying degrees at Pompey, Blackpool, Cardiff, Leeds and Charlton…. and we won’t be the last to suffer in this way.

    December 9, 2016
  2. Mark #

    Sport on…??? I mean spot on, but of course you already knew that….!

    December 9, 2016
  3. Thanks for flagging this up CA I’ve just listened to the first part and it is very grim indeed. Of course CAFC was in deep trouble before the Slater/Jimenez/Cash regime but that is another whole story in itself. Inevitably the second part will be even more horrific than the first and I think that the downward spiral will continue under Duchatelet. His supporters will argue about the financial stability that he (RD) has brought to the club but I think I’m right in saying that much of the money that he has put in is in the form of loans from the parent company. In other words his abject failure to run the club in a fit and proper manner that embraces realistic ambition for the first team is costing him personally very little (certainly set against his vast wealth) but is in every sense crippling this once well supported and very respected club. It will be interesting to see if Robinson can isolate the playing side so to speak from the car-crash of the general context of CAFC in order to provide some on-field success.

    December 10, 2016
  4. Douglas Mark Ponton #

    would love to listen but it seems impossible to download the podcasts

    January 12, 2017

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