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Jimmy Seed Stand

I was pleased to see today that a particular bug bear of mine is going to be righted and that is the replacement of the Jimmy Seed Stand sign. Credit to the club for listening and for the Museum for championing the idea and Target 20k for bringing it to the attention of the ‘Senior Management Team.’ It always bemused me that Roland was spending money on panting steps and changing the horizontal of the nets, yet ignored the disarray of the worn out sign with one of our most famous ever club figures’ name on it.

Good news, and I pleased for Seed’s grandson and family, which brings me once again to the discussion of renaming the stands. The North Stand will always be the Covered End, and even if the club got it legitimately benefactored, I would personally be ok with it, The University of Greenwich Covered End for example.

We have the Bartram Gates, which until we left The Valley, was always the way my family entered the ground, and I would put it to the vote on naming the West and East Stands and other entrances if necessary. It always bemused me that after our emotional return to The Valley, the club unemotionally just named the stands North, South, East and West. The compass doesn’t even point that way!

The current CEO would earn some brownie points, from me anyway, if she proposed name changes to capture of our history. She of course has openly dispelled our history, so I’m not holding my breath.

I was reminded that today marked 31 years since John Fryer announced to fans via a piece of A5 paper that we were to leave The Valley for Selhurst Park on perversely the day we played Palace.

I remember it like it was yesterday. One of my (still) best mates was a copper and was on duty at the ground and approached my family and I with the look of incredulity and told us of the impending dagger in the heart himself, before that piece of cold hearted paper was thrust in our hands. Top 10, one of the worse days of my life..

My Policeman mate was and is a Millwall fan and I felt for him today after Lewisham Council passed a vote on a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) on land around The Den for it to be re-developed, which will damage Millwall’s future at their home. We might be rivals, there might be more than that, especially from our side, but proper football fans need to stick together.

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  1. Totally agree with your sentiments CA – though sadly it will take more than refurbishing the Jimmy Seed stand sign to get me back through the Valley gates, I will hold off until the last member of the regime has packed their backs and got back on the ferry to Ostend….

    Millwall were ‘removed’ from their old shabby Den – the intimidating atmosphere of which was worth at least 20 points a season to them – to their new Meccano stadium next to (some would say appropriately…) Lewisham’s large rubbish dump and incineration plant.

    It would be nice if the ‘Spanners’ were to join in chants of “We want Roland out” at the forthcoming derby match as a show of solidarity in the way that the Burnley supporters supported us at the last game of last season…. But I suspect that they would be more likely to chant “We want Roland in….” given what the idiot has done not only to the team but also to the ethos of our club. If I were a Spanner I’d be rolling around laughing at what has gone on down the road in SE7 over the last 30 months.

    Given the lack of depth in the squad following the closing of the transfer window and providing Russell Slade with the minimum amount of new players that he required – and even then playing the first two weeks of the season minus 2 or 3 desperately needed recruits (it seems that Night Meire forgot that the season started on the first weekend of August, just like she ‘forgot’ to set a date for the players to return to pre-season training!) – I fear that the best we can expect is a mid-table finish below the Spanners and the likes of the mighty Fleetwood.

    September 8, 2016
  2. Is there a set of gates that bash into each other we could call those the Flanagan / Hales gates

    Or how about marking the first ever sub in football history Keith Peacocks or name the shop after him… Err someone’s already done that !

    We could ask the train station to be rename the Charlton Kishichev station as he worked ‘like a steam train’

    How about the staff car park sponsored by Rust-seal

    I’ll could go on…

    September 8, 2016

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