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Holmes-Dennis leaves

I don’t know whether Tareiq Holmes-Dennis represents a major player as of today in Russell Slade’s mind, but once again we will never find out as Roland Duchatelet pushes another one of our great academy prospects from his farm out of the door.

Holmes-Dennis is coveted by David Wagner so Huddersfield Town made the approach to the club to discuss terms with the 20-year old, and sure enough he will sign this afternoon for an undisclosed fee.

I understand that Holmes-Dennis was unhappy at his limited opportunities and sought playing time out on loan last season but under Slade, he has been a regular squad feature thus far, and will be given better handling by the new manager.

However, the slightest sniff of an enquiry and Duchatelet cashes in. Holmes-Dennis has started just 5 games for the Addicks, and prior to the Belgian invasion Holmes-Dennis, Joe Gomez and Ademola Lookman were the three stand out youth players at the club. Just Lookman now remains, for now.

Slade’s squad needs strengthening not depleting, especially with creative players, of which Holmes-Dennis is one. Of course THD may still be desperate to leave and the move gives him a new lease of life at a higher level club, but the cynical will say that this is all part of Duchatelet’s plan. Stack those academy players high and move them on as soon as they represent liquid cash.

Also with just days of the window to go this squad is not robust or strong enough to withstand League One until January. But I reckon clever old Roly thinks it is.

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  1. emsworthaddick #

    I recently met an old school friend who I use to go to Charlton with in the early 70’s. A we reminisced about Hales, Flanagan, Powell (Colin) etc and came to the conclusion that some things don’t change and that there’s not a world of difference Duchatelet & Gilkenstein, no ambition, sells young home grown talent at the first opportunity and replaces on the cheap!
    He like me used to take his kids to Charlton but they lost interest when we went from Premier to Championship to League One in a matter of seasons, even Sir Chris couldn’t get them back watching and now it looks like with a paper thin squad (which seems to be getting thinner!) we could be spending a good few seasons in league 1 and the gates will drop further to the early 70’s level of 4,000 – 5,000.
    It feels like playing snakes & ladders, having nearly got all the way home (Premier League) we are now back to square one (League 1) with the horrible feeling that these muppets in charge, who really don’t have a clue about running a football club, may orchestrate us from the game altogether (League 2 or worse!)
    Such is the curse of being a Charlton supporter, saddled with crap senior management, I strongly feel it’s time not to relax or efforts to get rid of them, in fact it’s time to re-double them!

    August 24, 2016
  2. Tom #

    Let’s hope we get our Championship status back quickly. Otherwise we won’t just be a club at the mercy of Premier League clubs that want to cherry pick our best youngsters (as per KM’s comments) but also mid-table Championship clubs that you could argue are smaller than us.

    August 24, 2016
  3. Stuart Goodman #

    10/10 for this post: Two Keepers, Two good midfielders and now THD and possibly Foxy to the Brummies………..How are we building a squad to get back to the Championship?? A few injuries and I fear the worst! After some positives, this type of approach may drive Slade out as well.

    August 24, 2016
  4. admitel #

    Russell Slade was happy for him to leave – Nothing to do with the “regime” – I yawn

    August 24, 2016
    • Yeah well was very refreshing to hear Slade’s honesty up to now, but beginning to have my doubts and another puppet.
      Mind you he was treated shabbily last year, but CAFC’s squad is even thinner (if that is poosible from last year)
      Oh I despair for all the supporters.

      August 24, 2016
  5. Once again its leopards and spots time,these non football people that ruin sorry I mean run our club are like programmed machines ,OFFER FOR PLAYER,SELL HIM. HOW MUCH FOR,
    ANYTHING YOU CAN GET. The only thing you can say about the light bulb salesman is at least he doesn’t turn up,but his loyal lieutenant sits there overseeing the demise,its going to be the same as last year,reasonable start,run of injuries’ fight to stay up, would love to be wrong,if I stay healthy I probably have about 23 or so years left on planet earth,I hope that when I reach that age these people are just a distant memory and from somewhere a “red and white knight” comes to our rescue we live in hope.

    August 24, 2016
  6. JH #

    I did like THD and am sad he is leaving, but to write “Roland Duchatelet pushes another one of our great academy prospects from his farm out of the door” is purely conjecture.

    Have you spoken to THD or Roland Duchatelet ? – Did THD say he was pushed? Did Roland say that he had pushed him?.

    I could also conjecture for example that – THD has a passionate interest in England’s industrial past and was desperate to move up North to realise his life long ambition to buy and restore a Victorian cotton mill.
    May or may not be true but hey-ho who cares?

    More likely scenario is that an unhappy player only being used as a sub feels it is time for a change and asks to leave. Manager grants his request as he doesn’t want negativity in the team and anyway he feels that he going forward he feels he can still operate successfully without him. This happens at all clubs however successful ask any fan !!

    August 25, 2016
    • Its nice to read a non cynical benefit of the doubt comment, and says much for you,but I have followed Charlton through a 55 year fire sale,Eddie Firmani,Marvin Hinton, Billy Bonds, Mike Bailey, Alan Campbell, Paul. Went, Derek Hales,Mike Flanagan,Len Glover,Mike Kenning,Paul Walsh,Paul Elliot,Rob Eliot,Darren Randolph,Paul Konchesky,Scot Parker,Darren Bent,Carl Jenkinson,Joe Gomez,and Have no doubt a sympathetic case could be made for all,and that’s only a sample the only way ahead as Curbishley proved in 99/2000,DONT KEEP SELLING YOUR BEST PLAYERS AND YOUR UP AND COMMING TALENT,or you will end up in league 2.He won the football league,good policy eh.

      August 25, 2016

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