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My kinda town

Chicago Addick is back in Chicago, my first trip back in 2 years and it has been too long. Flying in over the city earlier today brought a huge smile to my face as I watched the vast skyscraper laden city nestled alongside its ocean of a lake unfold beneath me.

This evening we walked and walked Chicago’s streets and this place never fails to inspire me. It always gives me a real sense of belonging and adventure and is one of the world’s truly great cities. If you have never been, do yourself a favour and add it high up your list.

We are in the Windy City until Saturday and until then we are predominately taking it easy and catching up with old friends. I do however on Friday have a work exam to sit, which nonetheless provided me with the incentive to come back to the place I lived from 2003 to 2008.

The exam is no biggy, except it rather inconveniently happens on my birthday. However there will be plenty of fun to be had otherwise including I am a sure cake and candles.

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