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Less than 5,500 season tickets sold

The club felt compelled to announce season ticket sales today. “Nearly 5,500,” which is almost half of last season, way down on previous League One seasons and the lowest total (thus far) for 20 years. Meire may well trumpet 5,500 with three weeks left until the first home game, but that number is embarrassing for a club of our size. Bradford announced 3 weeks ago that they had sold more than 11,000, Coventry at the same time 7,000.

Duchatelet will be hit in the pocket by around £1m from up front ticket sales, particularly as a third of the sales are in the cheapest seats in the Lower North. That £1m is shadowed by the £5m lost from relegation from The Championship. Add to this a reduction in sponsorship, matchday hospitality and a dent in fan spending in the ground.  

It is unknown to what the 4,500 – 5,000 missing season ticket holders will do. Or the 5,000 or so committed but not season ticket buyers. Some will attend more away games, some may disappear, most I expect will pick their games, and like me they will be eyeing what transfer business is done between now and August 7th and before the deadline at the end of August. Remember there are no post September emergency loans this season. 

With the majority of home fans sat now in the Lower North the whole make-up of the atmosphere will be eerily different to say the least. Let’s hope Meire has had the netting taken down!

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  1. Wharfy #

    Bradford have now sold 17500!

    July 21, 2016
    • That is impressive but they are famed for their ingenious marketing and price points.

      July 21, 2016
  2. a2c #

    Less ope the violent n aggressive exenophobes don’t bother to turn up cos there the ones ruinin our gaff. Wass the problem, STs always pick up when the season starts n there loss of ways of sellin more n I’m workin on gettin more sold unlike some on ere includin this blogger who are doin the exact oppersite.

    July 21, 2016
    • Charlton Anon #

      Learn English.

      July 21, 2016
    • c2a c2a #

      I suspect your hopes will be realised a2c as apathy takes control – only 5000 season tickets sold so far is evidence enough at this stage. I agree that there should be no criticism of those who wish to renew. From a financial point of view you can argue that starving the club of revenue is cutting off our nose to spite our face. A shortage of £1m in ticket sales is likely to mean a £1m shortage in player recruitment and player wages.

      But sometimes it is worth standing up for what you believe in even though that can be very difficult. I just don’t know how far down the pyramid the man who doesn’t do failiure is prepared to take our club.

      July 21, 2016
    • Belt up

      July 21, 2016
  3. Hungry Ted #

    Embarrassing figures. I’ve not renewed, and whilst I do not feel good about it one bit, I’m well and truly over the disappointment of giving up my seat of nearly 20 years.

    That said, I don’t have any problem whatsoever with anyone who has renewed. It is not a sign of ‘real support’ either way to me. Each to their own. I made the stand out of principle. All the screaming and shouting behind the West Stand won’t impact RD, but dropping ST and matchday revenue will.

    Whether it makes a difference only time will tell…

    I firmly believe he and KM still underestimate the resolve of Addicks, and naively believe a few good results and we’ll all calm down. I guess some are easily pleased, but I cannot forgive either for the harm they have caused through their repeated mistakes and mismanagement. I have zero faith they have changed course either.

    The new season can take as long as it wants for me. I miss the first two games through holiday, but beyond that I’ll go match-by-match whilst trying to get to more aways in.

    July 21, 2016
    • Great post Ted. No one I know has renewed but like you I have no issue with anyone that has.

      In Meire and Duchatelet’s bubble they have appeased fans by appointing Slade, and making a couple of early signings. They ‘spent’ big last season but spent unwisely and underestimated the division again and gave Luzon no chance to succeed.

      Thus far, they are doing the exact same thing to Slade.

      I too will be doing mostly always this season.

      July 21, 2016
    • Exactly and do not forget you getting penalised 2.50 pounds on a day to day pricing. Disgusting.

      July 21, 2016
  4. Bob Knight #

    I thought long and hard before I finally renewed two weeks ago. The two main reasons were since I knew I would go I have always believed you have to pay to criticise and I intend to criticise loudly. Secondly if fans do not turn up for the home games and demonstrate their anger at the regime then Duchatelet and Meire will try to convince everyone that the support for CARD is waning. I am not convinced that the standard of players being recruited is good enough to get us back to where we were before this mess started, I think that a team looking for promotion should consist mainly of players capable of playing at the next level, not journeyman players from the division you are in.

    July 21, 2016
  5. Andy #

    If Charlton start sign a few good players and start putting some good results together the fans will come flooding back.

    July 21, 2016
    • They’ve started the last two seasons well Andy.

      July 21, 2016
      • Well I followed Charlton through the Selhurst and Upton years,at Selhurst we spent our years winning promotion to the top flight and staying there for 3 seasons.
        998 people turned up for a league cup match against also top flight Wimbledon,against teams like Coventry we would get 4thousand on a good day,but normally we relied on away support,upon relegation we moved to Upton Park things did not get much better,only 3 sides of the ground were opened,on one midweek game against Grimsby the Club took no money at all from a 3000 crowd as the gate money was stolen by person or persons unknown. The point I am making is,that if you think it cant get that bad think again,and we was run by people who truly loved the club,one of my fears are,if say Ajose starts the season with a bang he will probably be sold in January,as you can see the summer sales are in full swing,I suppose Lookman is next,as I am seeing it at the moment if he is any good,sell him.I am 65 now but I used to play in goal in the old Sunday met league,I am thinking of putting my name forward,need to lose a few stone but I want it in my contract that I will only accept a move to To Barca or Real.

        July 21, 2016
    • Good players you having a laugh!!!

      July 21, 2016
  6. richard #

    I have been and continue to be in absolute turmoil over renewing. I was pretty close to making the call…even checked online to see that ‘my’ seat was still vacant. The arrival of Slade and the 3 quick signings almost had me convinced that KM and RD really had seen the error of their ways. But then the player sales kicked in…and then that announcement about ticket price increase for purchases on the day. Even Big DL has walked away. Suddenly I am back to where I was in May – bloody turmoil.

    An added fear I have for the club is the apparent fan division. I’m grateful to read from the comments above the willingness to respect each fan’s decision, but on general social media I am reading quite nasty things from those who think people shouldn’t go. I hope that those who do attend the matches are not subjected to abuse. The first home game will be very interesting.

    I’m assuming the netting will remain in place.

    July 22, 2016

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