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Players come, players go. Well players go..

It is neither a shock, nor the end of the world that players are being moved on. Players each partly culpable for our relegation sold to raise funds through fees and wages, or allowing them to move to a higher level because of contractual obligations (JBG), or because it is fair and proper (Cousins) or simply because they are rubbish (Sarr).

As expected Nick Pope and Johann Berg Gundmundsson were officially unveiled by Burnley today. Tony Watt beat the rush out of Austria to return home to pack his well worn overnight bag and looks set to move to Hearts of the SPL for family reasons. Must be a right pain for our Tony listing his past 5-year addresses when he’s applying to Sky for his movie channel.

Watt’s deal will be a loan as Hearts can’t or won’t pay his wages. This strategy of buying low and selling high hasn’t really worked for Duchatelet has it? Also loan deals do not clear players wages from the bottom line.

Anyway expect more to go. Tex and Lookman next. Tex to save on wages and Lookman, well Lookman because it’s another nice pay day for Roly. As I said. No surprise. Relegation brings heartache and pain, and as Ms Meire said this time last year, it brings judgement.

To that point does appointing an experienced English manager, today adding an English assistant manager (photo), Chris Solly signing a new contract, and three English players, on paper quite useful, mean that we should judge Duchatelet and Meire in a better light? Off the field they are not learning from their mistakes, but what about on it?

Is Russell Slade going to be allowed to add League One ready quality to his squad, not freebies or loans, but players that are able to compete and help the club challenge for promotion, Meire and Slade’s top six target. Or will Roly leave Slade to work with what he is got, pick up some waifs and strays and rely on untried and untested academy players?

Time will tell. But time has been a poor judge of Roland Duchatelet and Katrien Meire.

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  1. Well I went passed the Valley the other day and saw a scrap metal man taking an admiring glance at the stadium gates ,”make them an offer” I exclaimed,” theres some old statue,some round signs with swords in,an old worn out football,maybe an old silver cup or two you can melt down,oh if you are a bit spiritual there’s a heart and soul ready to go,yes mate they will probably sell you anything,shrewd business people run this errrr !!club!! want to buy a club?

    July 20, 2016
  2. Martin Cowan #

    I’m afraid it’s just more of the same. I think Roland would be content to fall into League 2, just as long as he breaks even.

    July 21, 2016

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