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New kit w*nker

I don’t actually mind the new kit. Traditional, low on frills, the proper colour red. The new sponsor is a bit of a talking point. Yes, a load of clubs have gambling companies sponsoring them but its not very community centric Charlton is it? That’s my only gripe, that it is just another layer of what Charlton has always been all about that the owners have peeled off and thrown away. Our history, our culture. Discarded like a Belgium chocolate wrapper. 

I like the kit, it’s obviously straight out of the Nike catalogue, but I won’t be buying it as I bought one of these instead. Over 800 protest shirts the organisers have sold, and hats off to them. Terrific effort. 

Interesting but obvious that Betdaq are not allowed to sponsor the kids shirts. I wonder how that will affect sales? Kids in my experience insist on the exact replica as their heroes and not one that looks different. As sad as it is us to us oldies, the sponsor is now an intrical part of the jersey. That is one of the reasons the protest shirt added one. Thanks to Data Techniques. No mention yet of an official away shirt or a third. 

The traditional Welling opener tomorrow. Sure there will be a lot of Addicks at the game with an interest in not only seeing the new signings and Russell Slade of course but who actually is not there. A different team each half is expected but almost certainly no Icelandic hero JBG, and possibly no Jordan Cousins. Both players were subject to bids this week. QPR for Cousins and the now signed and sealed deal of Gudmundsson to Burnley, which is expected to be completed next week. 

Burnley are also not letting up in their pursuit of Nick Pope and according go Rich Cawley are prepared to battle with QPR and Brighton for Cousins. Certainly the trail of us adding players has gone cold as Slade and us wait on which players stay into pre-season. 

Tomorrow’s game comes too early for Patrick Bauer, Chris Solly is injured. On trial defender Lewis Buxton and Welsh midfielder Andrew Crofts are expected to play a part and I’m intrigued to see if Stephen Henderson, an apparently quite vocal antagonist of Katrien Meire, appears.

Enjoy tomorrow if you are going. 

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  1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Last season was horrendous in every aspect. The hate campaign against our Owner. The personal vendetta towards the CEO. The shambles on the pitch that cost us dear. I could go on there was so much wrong at Charlton it makes my head spin.

    Now a new season is dawning. A new window of opportunity is in place, so why do I get the feeling that last season is going to be reinvented before the first ball is kicked.

    800 protest shirts sold to show the owner there will be no let off in the supporters quest to out Roland and the campaign to free Charlton will continue.

    Of cause I’m saddened by the whole prospects surrounding the possibility that the whole Roland thing is going to open up old wunds and we will be faced with all the hate that gripped this club throughout last season.

    I’ll leave it there, it is far too distressing to write more on what might or might be forthcoming. On thing is abundantly clear, many so called supporters are bent on continuing a campaign that in many of the real supporters feel is futile. Shame on the lot of you.

    July 9, 2016
  2. LP #

    And there you have it. We are ALL real supporters. But some are prepared to stand up and be counted. And i believe that happens to be a majority. If there are more fans prepared to stand up for this regime then please organise yourselves and lets see who you are. I might not agree with you but if you are a majority i will have to respect that living in a democracy like we do. I hope for a good season with my team winning games and gaining promotion to a league we have only left through gross mismanagement. Sadly i do not believe anything has changed.

    July 9, 2016
  3. It really brings it home to you how far we have fallen when a club like Burnley who almost went out of the Football league not that long ago are now signing our best players for a Premier league campaign,and what is also noticeable is that they are using the formula that gave us success from 1998,stable manager with no interference,good pros with something to prove,great relationship with the fans,back to the pros,kiely ,kinsella,Robinson,Mendonca,Brown,Powell,to mention a few,they loved the Club the club and fans loved them,not complicated but most important they let Curbs get on with it,I hope Noddy gets the same conditions but I somehow doubt it, if there is something we have learned watching the news this month is that the thought of being in,and having power transcends common sense decency and logic,no different with football.

    July 9, 2016
  4. Jane #

    Have to agree with Grumpy Addick. Last season was horrible, not just the results but the vile atmosphere at the ground. I wrote to Katrin Meire at the end of the season to say I would not be renewing my season ticket at the end of the forthcoming season if the protests went on because it was no longer an enjoyable experience to support the team. I also made some suggestions on improving communication with the fans. I can only hope that the new manager and signings will bring positive results and that the protesters will accept that improvements have been made. Ultimately the owner is the owner – not the fans – you can wish all you want for an owner who fits the perfect mould but ultimately you get whoever is prepared to pay for the Club. Promotion is the most important thing now. I know the set up is not good but let’s hope that things can only get better! I also will not be buying the strip – what happened to University of Greenwich?

    July 9, 2016
    • Jane, did you get a reply from Katrien Meire? Univ of Greenwich deal ran out and they did not want to renew.

      July 9, 2016
      • Jane #

        Have been abroad since mid May but probably not!

        July 9, 2016
  5. Mark #

    …. I can’t imagine why University of Greenwich didn’t want to renew their sponsorship….. bad for their brand I suppose like most other sponsors – except those who want to advertise their own immoral brand… and no, I definitely won’t be buying the new shirt, or any other shirt, with a betting company advertising on it.
    Oh my, how far have my club fallen – and how further can they fall?

    I sincerely hope that Slade has a great season with the British players that he’s brought in – at least that would stick it to Duchatelet…. but he’s so off the wall he’d probably pat himself on the back if Charlton got promoted.
    Don’t worry Grumpy Addick, you won’t have the likes of me at the Valley this season – after over 50 years supporting the club through thick and thin (mostly thin…) I cannot bring myself to visit the Valley and put money into Duchatelet’s regime and to see Meire’s smirking face sitting in the Directors box. My self-imposed exile that began in January will be ongoing until there’s a change of regime in SE7. I’m not alone, so it will probably be a surreal experience at the Valley this season – and even if the team does well I cannot see many of those who protest by absenting themselves from home games coming back out of the woodwork.

    I will have to continue supporting the team at away games only – a weird sensation but I just cannot bring myself to watch what the megalomaniac Walloon buffoon is doing to my/our club at my beloved Valley…

    July 9, 2016
    • The University of Greenwich probably did not wish to be associated with the goings on at Charlton. Who can blame them after all they have a reputation to withhold.

      July 11, 2016
      • And they weren’t alone. Many companies did and do not want to be associated with Roland Duchatelet’s stewardship and leadership.

        July 11, 2016
        • Jane #

          You’re sure it wasn’t all the unseemly protests that put them off with resulting bad publicity?

          July 11, 2016

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