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Charlton Athletic 1 Blackburn Rovers 1

A lot better, but it could hardly have been worse. Just the one goal conceded this week predictably by Jordan Rhodes. But a more combative and hard working performance for sure for Jose Riga to build on and the next two games are huge.
More players are needed though, goals are a problem, in fact with JBG completely out of form, creativity leading to goal opportunities are at a premium.

The squad is so devoid of quality that I really hope that Riga is further allowed to strengthen the squad with some quality and not just padding. It was very noticeable that neither Ricardo Vaz Te, Diego Poyet, Roger Johnson or Rhys Williams were in the starting line up yesterday. Williams and Vaz Te not even in the squad. I would not be surprised if Williams is sent back to Middlesbrough early as I’d imagine Duchatelet would want to see some outward movement.

Tony Watt played and was as we remembered, direct but ran down a lot of blind alleys, and Zakarya Bergdich started his first game since the Preston thumping in October and did well. Word was Bergdich was this week expected to head to Cyprus on loan. Expect he will stay now. New signing Jorge Teizeira universally impressed and I hope he is equipped for the rigours of Championship football.

Sky Sports have said that we have put in a bid for Bolton’s Liam Feeney. He shone in a wide position against at The Valley before Christmas. That would be a tidy signing.

The football was almost secondary yesterday with various protests against the owner and his executive team taking part before, during and after the game. The numbers were far greater than the Forest game and the media attention is now vast.

Stickleback summarizes the events well and talks about the flash point when a steward forcibly removed a male fan and his mother who hung a flag from the Upper North saying inoffensively ‘We want our club back.’ It is believed they were both thrown out of the ground and had their season tickets confiscated, as too did a man who fluttered a load of ‘Roland Out’ posters from the upper west into the director’s box.

Meire herself was said to behind both of these actions. This and the increased security I am sure an effort to antagonize fans and turn the media and general football public support against us. Not going to happen. And Meire’s arrogance and ineptitude will only make those protests louder and longer.

Addick Bloggers at The Valley: Stickleback; Drinking During the Game; Chris Powell’s Flat Cap; Hungry Ted;

Relegation watch: Bolton closed the gap beating a lethargic MK Dons 3-1. Rotherham drew at Cardiff 2-2 and Bristol City lost at Leeds whilst Fulham were beaten at home by Hull.

Photo credit: Keith Gillard.

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  1. We are still deep in trouble. But there were some encouraging signs that things might be on the up. The protest however will intensify and might still be the end of all we have worked for.

    January 24, 2016
  2. LP #

    Very encouraged by the campaign CA – but I think it is going to be a long haul. Proudly wearing my stickers all over the place – and it reminded me of some stickers produced a very long time ago saying “25 Years of Sweet FA” which if my memory serves me was part of a protest against Glikstein. I’ve still got mine somewhere – must dig it out.
    As for the leaflets showered down on the directors box – he wasn’t a season ticket holder (not this year anyway) – and has been banned from the Valley unless he makes an appointment to see the safety steward. There were actually two of them involved but one just walked out the ground. Well done boys (they’ve obviously been properly brought up!!).
    As for our players – I think we are better than you think CA – but it is going to need a good coach to get them all playing to the best of their ability.

    January 25, 2016
    • It is a long game LP. Plenty of scope to further turn the screws. Have to stay patient, smart and loud.

      I tend to agree with you on the players, and you see a load more games than me. There is definitely a basis of a good team. JBG, Watt, Cousins, Solly, Igor (when fit), Henderson all good Championship players. Trouble is we miss Kashi, Bauer and Diarra. Need more goals and need to massively tighten up at the back. If Curbs was in charge we would draw our next two games 0-0 and build from there.

      How we are not 10 points adrift I will never know. Always hope LP, always hope.

      January 25, 2016

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