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Ahmed out. Bless you 

Ahmed Kashi was Guy Luzon’s number one target last summer and impressed up until the 86th minute of a match in Cardiff at the end of September when he was replaced by Franck Moussa, yes I know I am really testing your memories now. Kashi then went AWOL and despite Luzon’s reliance on him as his midfield anchor the Algerian then missed the next four games of Luzon’s stewardship rather mysteriously.

Little came out of club as Luzon cleared his office and some wondered in the communication black out that Kashi had downed his boots.

Fraeye, the Interim Head Coach, then told us that Kashi didn’t look good but struggled to explain why until the club today told us that he needs surgery on an Achilles Tendon injury which sounds like he will be out for the season. 9 league appearances.

Colin Cameron wrote the Valiant 500 86 years after the first eleven boys entered the field of play in the name of Charlton Athletic. With this lot, the Valiant 1,000 will be written in 2020.

Kashi is a loss, along with Bauer they have looked the only two players who long term could compete week to week in The Championship. So many of the players signed by Meire have had injury issues, and although Kashi had no history of serious injuries, it is just another metric they have got wrong. Luck comes into injuries of course, but Igor, Kashi, Moussa, Cebellos and even Henderson’s absences have all been caused by non-obvious match playing injuries.

The January window is absolutely essential for us. Jason Euell recently said that he and Fraeye have a list of targets. Euell’s probably from his time on the touch lines of under 21 games and Fraeye from his time sat in front of his computer. Whatever, battle ready experienced pros are required. Enquire within.

Tomorrow’s game with Bolton in turmoil is an absolute 6 pointer. Our record against our fellow relegation candidates this season has been terrible. Time for the Interim one to begin to win us over.

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