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2015 Top Five Favourite Places

The first of my 2015 Top Fives, and an annual look back at the stuff that sticks out in my memory as something a bit special.

I’ve done this for many years now and always welcome your comments. Some Top Fives are regular features, some others I mix up a little bit, but one list I always compile is the Favourite Places I found myself in during the past year.

So, come with me to revisit Chicago Addick’s Top Five Favourite Places in 2015:

1) Brussels, Belgium
I was there with my son and Mum in August and we loved it but just a few weeks later this beautiful city was all over the front pages for the wrong reasons. Brussels’ Capital of Europe tag gives an impression of a boring, characterless and dreary place but it was none of these things at all. Instead Brussels had life, personality and a bubbling conviviality and hopefully soon all those things can return to it’s ornate narrow streets and history filled large squares.

2) Belize
We visited this country that is a hybrid of a Caribbean island and a Central American country with a varied history and two widely different personalities to explore. The Caribbean coast with it’s mint green sea and the longest barrier reef in both the western and northern hemispheres and then the interior, chocked full of chartreuse green forests, ancient ruins and a highway of caves.

image3) Tikal, Guatemala
Tikal was the most resplendent of all Mayan cities and the Great Plaza, flanked by massive stair-stepped temples, when built was the tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere. Today it might not be the tallest but it remains a magnificent and awe-inspiring site.

4) San Francisco
San Francisco never ceases to amaze me. The way the streets climb and dip like a roller-coaster, the way the fog appears at the door like a friendly neighbour’s cat and the way the city pushes the boundaries in regard to trends and lifestyle all the while with the Golden Gate Bridge welcoming you with open arms.

5) Eastbourne
My parents live about 4 miles from Eastbourne but whenever I am there the seaside town draws us like a magnet. Yes, there are a lot of mobility scooters rallying around the Grand Parade, but still the 3.5 mile sweeping, palm tree lined seafront has to be one of the UK’s grandest beach fronts and the town is remarkably kept. It is my home from home.

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  1. Yes not visited in last year but have visited San Franscisco, Brussels and Eastbourne before. Next time you go to Brussels make sure the CEO goes back and sit on the lap of her toyboy pleaseeeeeeee

    December 13, 2015

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