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No clowning around

When the two fateful names were pulled out of the hat, we were told that it wouldn’t be a distraction. That was four games and one point ago. Whether the players have been affected, some of whom probably were never going to play in the game anyway and many of whom, I would expect, had no previous knowledge of what the game means, who knows. Our form since the international break is a cause for concern but nothing that a rip-roaring derby win cannot put right!

It was always going to be a distraction for Charlton fans, beside themselves when the draw was made, but now terrified of what the game beholds. Palace have bought big and mostly well this summer looking to push on, knowing that a new humungous TV deal kicks in August, and just like so many before them starting to feel at home in their new lifestyle.

Of course Palace fans have never worried themselves with us clowns, although Pardew was drawn into commenting about his time with us earlier in the week. We found out that nothing was his fault, always the victim never the blame.

Charlton’s initial and only allocation of 2,888 tickets sold out quickly. Most Palace fans will turn their nose up at the visit of their non-rivals claiming their new rivals are Tottenham and they will need reminding of their insignificant part of our history.

Guy Luzon is onto a bit of a no-win situation when it comes to team selection. Addicks, especially those who have paid to be there, will demand a full team champing at the bit. Yet, it is pretty essential for our stuttering league campaign that those carrying injuries or susceptible to knocks are rested.

A big defeat will be another kick in the stomach, but an inspiring peformance will restore belief and more. I would build a team tomorrow around Jacko personally.

To add further significance to Addicks, 30 years ago this week I was one of 8,858 to witness what we all thought would be Charlton’s last ever game at The Valley against Stoke City (video). The clump of grass that my family re-planted in our Catford back garden died, but the club never did and nor did the unwavering support and belief of it’s supporters.

What happens on the pitch will be what it will be, and little Charlton start massive underdogs, but let us give those muppets the full force of what it is like being a Charlton fan tomorrow night.

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  1. Personally, I don’t hold anything against Pardew and his time at The Valley. The first season was mission impossible taking over from muppets Dowie and Reed. We have seen so many teams struggle on an immediate return to the Premiership after relegation and financially we were an absolute mess – something Pardew had no involvement in.

    Yes, he is a bit smug and the manager of our rivals but let’s not forget he was also a very important player for us at a time when things weren’t great. His 1 in 4 ratio over 3-4 seasons went some way to filling the huge hole left by Rob Lee’s departure to Newcastle Utd.


    September 22, 2015
  2. Paul Addick #

    I’d echo Tom’s comments re Pardew. He did his best with a bunch of loan players when at Charlton. We all loved him when we beat West Ham in that amazing game at the Valley. It looked like it would be them going down at that stage.

    I’d forgotten it was 30 years ago that the greed of Gliksten sent us off on our nomadic travels. I stood on the the Worthington E stand for quite some time after the game, watching others dismantle what they could in the way of souvenirs. It’s never been easy supporting Charlton but given our history this is definitely not the worst of times.

    I’ll be at the game tonight. Spirit and desire is what I want to see. The result is immaterial.

    September 23, 2015

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