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Miami nice

After a couple of days in Miami we have moved our holiday onto the relatively undeveloped Belize jungle, which brings something of interest to no one but myself and my mobile phone provider, but means I will follow Charlton’s game in Nottingham on Tuesday night from another country, the 4th different one for each of the 4 games played so far…. The Valley SE7, Bermuda, Florida USA and Belize.

Anyway Miami as always was fun packed, an effervescent oasis marooned amongst the rest of Florida that Dave rediscovered recently.

Our hotel was a great base and we did little except swim, shop and scoff ourselves. One night we ate Greek at Mandolin and the other we went Chinese at Mr Chow, which although massively popular, was about as un-Chinese as you could get, but like a lot of Miami, it’s all about the paegent not the prawn balls.

So, we flew to Belize today just two hours from Miami, but with the time change we arrived at the same time as we left and were then driven from the airport on the coast in land through open plains and tiny villages on one of just four main roads in the country past a surprisingly bustling town of San Ignacio, and it’s famous Hawksworth Bridge (photo), a suspension bridge brought piecemeal over from Middlesbrough, to the edge of the border with Guatamala where we are staying.

Up tomorrow and out horse riding and hiking around the ancient Mayan archaeological site of Xunantunich, which I was reliably informed by our waiter tonight is pronounced ‘tuna fish sandwich.’

That’s all very well, but what I really need to know is if Johnnie Jackson will start tomorrow night?

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  1. Ben #

    Hey, I’m also stateside, and I was wondering how you were going to watch the match? Is there a stream you use?

    August 18, 2015

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