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Flick to kick

What with takeover chatter dominating yesterday I had forgotten that we are actually playing again on Saturday after what seems an almighty long break from action.

Leeds stole the points a fortnight ago, well actually Ross McCormack seized them, but we should still go to QPR Saturday in good heart, especially after winning at St Andrews last time on the road.

Rangers have been steadfast as opposed to dynamic in their attempt to get promoted back to the Premier League at the first attempt. Financial Fair Play (FFP) hangs over them like a huge black cloud and the question is if there is enough togetherness and desire from those players on wages crippling the long term future of the club to fight their way out of this division with teams like Burnley, Blackpool and Watford in their way.

Our team, with a wage roll a fraction of Rangers, can show what teamwork can do on Saturday, plus we will be backed by a healthy number of Addicks also giving a lesson in atmosphere, as we’ve done on each of the times I have been to their, er, compact, stadium previously. Actually I was once threatened with arrest stood in that School End for making too much noise! Honestly.

Changing tack a moment, how awesome was Ronaldo’s performance in Sweden on Tuesday night? Whilst it’s a shame that Zlatan Ibrahimovic won’t grace the world stage in Brazil, it would have been an absolute tragedy if Ronaldo wasn’t there. He carries and represents his national team with such pride and passion, it is a joy to watch and his wonderful hat-trick the other night really wetted my appetite for next summer’s football carnival.

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