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Rick Everitt sacked

“I can confirm that I have today been sacked by the club by email in a letter from Martin Prothero but signed in his absence by the club’s personnel manager Helen Reed. I understand Martin has not been at The Valley today. This is the decision of a disciplinary hearing that took place on Friday, September 28th, 19 days ago, and according to the club is the culmination of a disciplinary process that began on Tuesday, July 10th – more than 14 weeks ago.” – Rick Everitt.

Rick posted on Charlton Life this morning (scroll down) that he has been sacked by the club and strongly itimated that he will bring back The Voice of The Valley.

Some will still say that there is no evidence that things are awry behind the scenes but I am watching the club (off the pitch) stuck in reverse and heading back to the mid-80’s. Back then Rick and others gave the supporters voices when no one cared. We need to start shouting louder because this current lot have no interest in listening to us.

Maybe when Tony Jimenez and Michael Slater see the attendance figure on Saturday they might care to remember the reasons why.

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  1. Make you right Chicago. Something’s not right at Charlton and it needs to be known. All the best Rick.

    October 17, 2012
  2. Texas Addick #

    I have to say Chicago i dont fully agree with your comments on this matter, I have like most supported the Addicks my whole life since i was 5 years old, it is without doubt sad to see someone who has supported the club like Rick and…spent 14 years working for the good of the club, to see him sacked, why we dont know as yet.

    But it is worth remembering that it would be bad practice…both from the club, and indeed Rick to make comments about what went on until all avenues of appeal are over, there is still a course Rick can take if he feels he has been unjustly dismissed, and thats to an Industrial tribunal, I have admired Ricks work for many years, including Voice of the Valley, but now is not the time to jump to conclusions on this, there is still the possibility of further appeals to come yet.

    What i do agree with you about, and many other blogs, is the total lack of news coming from the club about what has..and still is ..internal goings on, the present board needs to understand that no news brings with it unhealthy rumours about the club, i cant imagine for an instance that Richard Murray would of sold the club to its present owners, without pointing out the closeness of fans and that present board, only so much time can pass before the fans really do start to turn against the board, that would be a sad day for both sides if we come to that.

    October 18, 2012
  3. TA, fully agree with you on compromising any industrial tribunal and the owners are proving a litigious bunch and I want no part of that.

    However your final analysis is correct and I really don’t know if the owners realise or are bothered even that they are beginning to provoke a genuine opposition to them.

    October 18, 2012

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