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Elliott story denied

If it was strange that the Daily Mirror bothered themselves with the Paul Elliott to be the new Charlton chairman story, it is perhaps even stranger that Michael Slater has used the mostly worthless News Shopper to deny it. Slater has usually turned to the South London Press for his sound bites and as has been par for the course steers clear of the Official Site.

Although on the face of fit, Paul Elliott re-joining the club is fanciful to say the least, it strikes me as perplexing why the Daily Mirror, who probably last gave Charlton a paragraph of their copy when we won the Play-Off Final, would break such a story.

Yes, the black chairman, black manager and black assistant manager is newsworthy but it just brings about more questions than answers. Slater is a lawyer mind and deals in questions. So, I have my own questions. Did the Daily Mirror make the whole thing up, was the story leaked to the reporter or was it simply planted to help Tony Jimenez negotiate with suitors?

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  1. Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis #

    There’s no mileage in wondering why the mirror runs stories that have no basis – its sports pages routinely feature gossip, flimflam and fiction safe in the knowledge that nobody remembers the drivel. Strange indeed that they gave such a small story such prominence.
    As for why Slater’s version is in the Newshopper – perhaps they contacted him and asked the question? Worthless or not NS does routinely have some charlton coverage. What we have learned for definite from this non-story is just how many people swallow any old guff as Charlton Fact and manically repeat and retw@t it on, embellishing with their own imaginings as they go.
    “…Former player who lives relatively local visits first club, again (which he has done off and on for years btw)…” ain’t much of a story really is it? I’ve been back to my old school once or twice – don’t mean I’m gonna be the new headteacher does it…probably?

    October 16, 2012
    • Fair points there SCN. Paul Green at the NS probably deserves a little higher profile to be fair.

      October 16, 2012
  2. Wyn Grant #

    I still think that this story was well sourced, I do not think Sky would have run with it otherwise.

    October 16, 2012

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