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Tony Jimenez = Mr Fixit

The eagle eyed of you or those that have read Wyn’s blog, will have seen a change in the ownership structure stealthily tucked away within the club’s website underlying the lack of transparency in place under this ownership.

Tony Jimenez now owns 47.6% (an increase of 19.6%) of CAFC Holdings Limited shares, which in turn owns 90% of the club. Richard Murray owns the remaining 10%.

This change would appear to confirm that CAFC lost some silent investors in recent weeks and Jimenez has taken over their shares (both under 10%). 24% of shares are still unaccounted for, but the rules mean there must be at least 3 different holders.

I don’t want to cast aspersions at Tony Jimenez because so far it is hard to fathom anything he has done wrong publicly. However huge doubts remain that he has the kind of resources it takes to own almost half of a club the size of Charlton.

Also, history tells us that Jimenez has been eager to involve the Crown Prince of Dubai in ownership of an English football club. During his short stint at Newcastle he tried to sell the Magpies on behalf of Mike Ashley to Zabeel Investments.

The deal fell through and Jimenez left. In no time at all the media were awash with rumours that Jimenez was broking Zabeel’s takeover of Charlton. That also collapsed as we know.

Jimenez was once described as a Mr Fixit. Agent, owner, investor, leader no, fixer yes and now he is the major shareholder and effectively has sole control, well him and whoever is providing him with the funding.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, a new chapter starts tomorrow with the annual visit to Welling with most of the squad expected to play some sort of part in the game. The Addicks will debut their brand new black away kit, which if you haven’t yet seen it looks identical to the red one but with a different Andrews company name on it.

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