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Two up, three off, don’t win, dodgy ref. Yep typical Charlton!

Bristol Rovers 2 Charlton Athletic 2
As someone said on Twitter: “So if you’re sat in London it’s all Powell’s fault, if you were at the game, you’re proud of the team and feel robbed. I trust those in Bristol.”

Well I’m even further away and was as frustrated as the next Addick as I scurried around pushing kids out of the way to get my hands on as many creme eggs as possible at the Easter egg hunt I was at, whilst periodically checking my phone for match updates. Yes, we threw away 3 points but not only did it sound as if we played pretty decent and scored two goals, we also battled to take something away from the game and fought for the shirt. And then I’ll reserve my wrath for the referee until I see the highlights. But it does sound like he was a twat.

I have been to many away games where the result and some patchy updates do not tell the full story and I suspect the 438 Charlton fans felt pretty proud of their team and the manager this afternoon. If nothing else Powell is proving a passionate leader, if yet a good one.

I expected nowt today, so I’m pleased with a point and I was happy to see Powell give some others a chance, particularly Eccleston and Reid, although true to script he scored a great goal and then deservedly got sent off.

Two weeks left.

Proud Addicks in Bristol?: Doctor Kish; Addicks Diary; Charlton Lifers.
CA fact: Our record this season when we have had player(s) sent off: W 3, D 3, L 1. Perhaps we should start with 10!

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