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A no snow

While snow adorns pavements and trees, for which in some cases still have leaves on, in London and the south-east of England, and with snow forecast for my second home in Chicago later today I came to work this morning dressed in shorts.

It is December 1st tomorrow and the weather remains in the 70’s (22c) in Bermuda. Despite it’s latitude and longitude and it’s location over a 1,000 miles north of the Bahamas, the island is entirely frost-free with snow only ever seen on Christmas cards. The reason for this is the Gulf Stream that heats the waters around this middle of the Atlantic dormant volcano, home to 65,000 people.

Winter here is mild as the temperature rarely drops below 55 degrees (13c) and the only annoyance is the occasional thunderstorm and subsequent sideways downpour. But most aggravating of all is the three months of damp weather (Jan, Feb and March) caused by the humidity. Personally I would rather it snow as the damp permeates through Bermuda’s old and substantial concrete houses which cost a fortune to heat and mold and mildrew is a constant evil.

The climate is known as sub-tropical, and in the summer from May to October, the weather can be uncomfortably hot with especially high humidity, however the temperatures rarely get higher than 85°F (29c), unlike the wide fluctuations seen in Chicago for instance.

I miss the snow, I really do. There was nothing better than seeing it fall onto Chicago’s busy thoroughfare’s and side streets. But then again Chicago did snow well. London appears to be getting better at it (is it?), as for Bermuda, well even climate change won’t bring the white fluffy stuff here.

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  1. newyorkaddick #

    Don’t kid yourself CA – London is still terrible in the snow. A total absence of gritting lorries, treacherous pavements, shambolic train services and a widespread lack of common sense by the general public in terms of the way they drive, the shoes they wear etc..

    Like you, I’ve seen how it should be done in NY. If London ever had ‘proper’ snow (like the 30 inches I once saw come down in an afternoon), it does not bear thinking about the impact.

    December 1, 2010
  2. And that is why snow in Chicago or New York is actually enjoyable unlike in London when it a royal pain in the arse.

    December 1, 2010
  3. SLC Red #

    You have to laugh. Gatwick is closed and I’m thinking of cancelling my trip tomorrow. Come to Utah.

    POWDER ALERT 11/29/2010

    Current Weather: Snowing

    New Snow: Overnight: 4″ 24hr: 19″ 48hr: 21″

    Current Base Dept: 200″

    Season Snowfall: 394″

    Current Temps: Base: 26F Summit: 17F

    Winds: 17 mph from the SW

    Visibility: Fair

    December 1, 2010

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