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Game off

Tomorrow’s game has been postponed following the midday pitch inspection at Kingsmeadow. The pitch and surrounding areas are frozen and getting there and back would have been pretty treacherous and painful.

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Us men can normally shake the worse case of the flu. A Bloody Mary, a swig from a bottle of Day Nurse, a tin of mushroom soup, we just get up and get on with it, don’t we?

However then comes along the real bloody flu, and that’s a whole different kettle of oily fish. I was fine last Friday, was at work, had some sushi for lunch, then at my desk in the afternoon I started to feel a bit weak and pathetic. Could have been the mackerel sashimi I thought. Got myself home and wham, I felt awful. I went to bed around 8pm and that is pretty much where I stayed until Tuesday. Temperature of 104, shakes, hot and cold, aches all over and someone carrying out an experiment with a bunson burner behind my eye balls!

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Charlton Athletic 2 Rochdale 1

Hard fought..

And a stuttering and often ugly performance tonight but 3 very valuable points against what I was thought was a very decent Rochdale team, playing with a style far better than their league position indicates.

I watched for the first time on EFL’s iFollow service, which allows overseas fans to watch live games. Charlton remember don’t subscribe to iFollow but almost all of our League One opponents do and for a fiver for a match pass I thought it was good. No commentary just live pictures and atmosphere, although there was a delay in the sound, but I’d recommend it, if you are able to take advantage. By the way I would encourage you take this CAFC media team’s survey on their Valley Pass service.

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Record low

I am coming back to London tomorrow to some severe weather and I am trying to find some of the warmer clothes I used to regularly wear in Chicago. But ever since I put the kybosh on the Bermudian winter, the island has had the worst December on record!

Yesterday temperatures plunged to a record low of 48F (9C) the coldest ever recorded day for December breaking the previous worst of 50F (10C). Bermuda’s coldest temperature on record is 44F (6.6C), from February of 1950.

Last night many of ferries were cancelled as winds got up to 75mph. At the aiprort by all accounts the winds are blowing up the runway as opposed to across it, which is a good thing!

Pools panel

Unsurprisingly tomorrow’s game at Hartlepool is one of 11 games called off in the country due to snow and frost. Pools have been on a good run, so maybe a long journey to the north-east is best avoided.

It wasn’t long ago that we were proclaiming that the players had played too many games, but by the time we take on Southampton on Boxing Day we would have had just 3 games in 30 days. In the previous 30 days, when we were knackered remember, we played 9 games and didn’t lose one.

Come Boxing Day we wouldn’t have scored in the league for over a month – Paul Benson’s tap in at home to Bristol Rovers the last. Anyway a more important statistic is that we will now have three games to re-arrange in the new year and our cup run will only add more congestion. That was a joke.

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A no snow

While snow adorns pavements and trees, for which in some cases still have leaves on, in London and the south-east of England, and with snow forecast for my second home in Chicago later today I came to work this morning dressed in shorts.

It is December 1st tomorrow and the weather remains in the 70’s (22c) in Bermuda. Despite it’s latitude and longitude and it’s location over a 1,000 miles north of the Bahamas, the island is entirely frost-free with snow only ever seen on Christmas cards. The reason for this is the Gulf Stream that heats the waters around this middle of the Atlantic dormant volcano, home to 65,000 people.
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