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Restaurant review: The Point

Fresh from the announcement that the Rosewood Hotels Group will take over the operations of Tuckers Point Hotel, the first luxury hotel to be built in Bermuda for 40 years, we went with some friends to dinner at it’s flagship restaurant The Point on Saturday night for the first time and to see if the hotel’s service deficiences had improved.

The place was packed, which was great to see. Tables had plenty of space in between them and although the restaurant had a formal feel (a jacket was required), it was in no way stuffy.

The walls are decorated with huge murals (photo) from the former Sky Club in the Pan Am building in New York, now the Met Life Building. The murals depict the world’s major ports and it gave the space a tranquil atmosphere. I must admit I liked the room very much, as I did the English style bar attached to the main restaurant.

The restaurant has a lot of people working in it, although whether they each had planned roles and responsibilities was up for debate. Our waiter was frankly a disaster. My other half is vegetarian and when she asked him for any suggestions, he told her that they “wouldn’t be able to do anything special.” Lucky it wasn’t a special night then I told him. Rosewood have some work to do with their wait staff.

I was disappointed with the menu, it didn’t inspire me or drive me crazy with decisions but whilst we were picking and my other half was struggling with her choice of pumpkin ravioli or pumpkin ravioli, we were given an amuse bouche which always gets me excited, but the sweet and sticky espresso cup of lobster bisque soon dented any euphoria.

For starters I went for the tuna 3 ways, which was sashimi, smoked and tartar and it was alright. My other half plumped for a fennel, goat cheese and pine nut salad. It was neatly put together put was missing any zip. Our friends made a better choice with the blue crab and asparagus.

Main course I went for the braised short rib with grilled sirloin but it lacked imagination and anything to accompany it other than mash. The stuffed chicken looked a whole lot better. My other half’s ravioli was, well just as the waiter had informed us, not very special.

The food was a disappointment and naturally it wasn’t cheap. Main courses were on average up in the $38 range. For four of us the bill was just north of $500, which did include a couple of bottles of wine, which reminds me that the wine list didn’t appear to do justice to the wonderful 3,000 bottle wine cellar on show in the restaurant.

The Point is overseen by chef Serge Bottelli, who is of Swiss descent but has been in Bermuda for a long time. Maybe he should do a stint back overseas as to me his menu and food lacked panache and was short on ideas. The setting and atmosphere will no doubt lure us back given the lack of luxurious choices on the island but I hope for better next time and a different waiter.

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  1. Chris #

    Whats the tipping etiquette on that little island of yours? Similar to the States i’d imagine?

    November 18, 2010
  2. Chris, no it’s about as far from that as you could imagine. Here gratuity is already included in your bill (17%) whether the service is good or not…. and normally it’s average at best!

    November 19, 2010
  3. thank you for all the info very nice article thank you for sharing

    November 27, 2010

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