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Sad goodbyes

I was babysitting tonight. A welcome relief after three nights out on the toot. I was asked the other morning by the other half: “At what age do you think getting in at 3am is unacceptable?” I think it was a trick question.

Two nights were work related, that job will be the end of me, and last night was some leaving drinks for my best mate on the island. I was in before midnight so I woke up the other half just to make sure she didn’t make up stories about me this morning.

I have written before about living as an ex-pat, building friendships, investing in people and then, wham, losing them as people’s life’s move on in a different direction to ones own. To quote one of my bestest mates back at home “I have enough friends already, so I don’t need any more,” and I do have some great mates back at home but I don’t see them all the time and we have been lucky to meet some wonderful people in our years in both Chicago and Bermuda.

Nonetheless this couple who came to Bermuda at an almost identical time to us and move back to the UK on Wednesday have been warm and considerate friends for almost two and a half years and we are going to miss them and their little boy considerably. He is hilarious, she is adorable and they will leave a big hole in our lifes.

Tomorrow night they are hosting a final dinner party for a big group and although I’m looking forward to it, I’m really wishing tomorrow night never comes.

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