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Another day of intrigue and mystery

Where to begin….

As they say, there is a lot to unpack here.

Charlton owner Thomas Sandgaard today appointed four “experienced professionals in senior roles at the club.” (more)

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Time is up for the Sandgaard’s

Time is being called on Thomas Sandgaard’s reign as Charlton’s owner. His support network diminishing rapidly as focus turns to Sandgaard and his family’s mismanagement of the football club and ill-treatment of it’s employees.

On Monday at 7pm UK time CAST are holding an online meeting with a goal of bringing the fanbase together to agree how supporters proceed from here. The Zoom call is open to all supporters and you can register here.

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Barclay and Varney drop out

The Andrew Barclay and Peter Varney takeover of Charlton was always destined to fail. Too good to be true. A progressive young empathetic businessman with plenty of family money combined with, well, simply one of us. Not only an Addick, but a proven leader. I’ve had dreams not as good as that.

Richard Murray has poisoned Roland Duchatelet’s mind towards Peter Varney about absolute claptrap. But the snake Murray got into the Belgian’s head and he was never prepared to speak to Varney or Barclay. Add to that as Barclay said himself, the risks of doing business with ESI are also too great, then today the pair decided to drop out of their bid to buy the club.

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Can Peter Varney save us?

First yesterday we had what looked like a home made tic-tock video from potential Portuguese bidders called Corporate Football Organisation Portugal. It was hard to take Fernando Corte-Real too seriously as he rolled out the innovative idea of a having a 5-year plan to get into the Premier League from what looked like a furniture shop.

Not a lot online about this lot except it is obviously a collection of investors and according to Corte-Real “experts.”

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Peter Varney steps down at Ebbsfleet

Eh? What? No. Can’t be. Can it?

Peter Varney is stepping down as vice-chairman of Ebbsfleet United. He will no longer sit on the Fleet’s board of directors and will be replaced as vice-chairman by former player Dean Pooley.

Charlton fan Varney has been heavily involved with Ebbsfleet since 2013 when they were taken over by KEH (Kuwaiti European Holdings), for whom Peter is CEO of their sports arm. Varney led and managed all of Fleet’s off field activities but has never been far away from the alarming goings on at The Valley.

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Each lie better than the last

It will be interesting to see what happens today around late morning. Will Katrien Meire be in work yet? Will she issue an apology to Peter Varney. Or will she hope that no one noticed and think we are all friends now because she has finally made an appointment better than the one previously?

Varney is steadfastly not going to let this go away and has said he will release evidence of his, Duchatelet and Meire’s dialogue which not anywhere says his investor contacts will move the club away from The Valley. 
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Unsubstantiated stories continue to flutter around SE7 of Roland Duchatelet coming to terms with failure for apparently the first time in his life. See, he’s human after all huh?

Following on from the Belgian acknowledging that there are suitors out there with a price of £38m quoted to former defender Paul Elliott. Peter Varney and his backers are known to still be interested in acquiring the club and there is also an American based interest as well.

It has been mentioned before but it now appears apparent that work had been halted at Sparrows Lane. A Category One youth academy is pretty much impossible to acquire in League One and would also be a huge hit to the bottom line. Maybe another scenario that Duchatelet didn’t envision when he was clearly content to accept relegation.
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Takeover completed

“As the new owners, we are both football fans and businessmen. Today’s acquisition brings much-needed financial stability to the club. Our plan for Charlton is to run the club on a sensible financial footing and develop a commercial plan to ensure we make progress on and off the pitch to meet the expectations of our fans.

What we won’t do is create unrealistic pie in the sky expectations.”

Comments from new Charlton chairman Michael Slater, who is described as co-owner alongside property developer (those two words always worry me) Tony Jimenez, once of Newcastle ‘fame’. There also appears to be an unnamed 3rd party, whom I wondering maybe the money behind the transaction because I don’t think Jimenez or Slater have the funds themselves. Slater did say that Dennis Wise is not in the new owners’ plans.
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3 days to Takeover Day

Another sleepless night. The family are ill, and the little ‘un was up all night so it gave me plenty of time to think about the impending takeover. I mean there are now only 3 shopping days to go before t-day.

So what do we think? I see Charlton Life has had a stab in the dark at potential buyers, but honestly there is not a dickie bird of gossip out there and really it could be anyone couldn’t it?

The club have been busying itself clearing the decks, we know that much. They settled with Iain Dowie before the planned date of a Premier League tribunal hearing. Shame in many ways, because how much fun would we have had finding out about all the Dowie stories?

Peter Varney has indicated that he doesn’t yet know if he will be asked to continue with the new ownership, but one would have thought he would like to. Richard Murray may well have seen his last game as owner, but most of us hope and expect him to still be involved, maybe as chairman.

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