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King Charles III

Phew. That was quite the show, and to think they skinnied it down. I bet the queue for the Abbey’s loos goes right around the block.

I thought Charles could have cracked the odd smile and after 70 years of practicing you’d think he would know his words off by heart. The prompt cards were a little unnecessary, but again we do know how to pull off a bit of pomp and ceremony. No one does it better or with more grandeur.

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Never forget

20 years ago. It seems implausible. What happened that day was almost implausible.

Everyone remembers where they were when they first heard about a Boeing 767 loaded with 20,000 gallons of jet fuel fly high into New York’s World Trade Center north tower at 8.45am on September 11th, 2001.

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Nelson Mandela RIP

“When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace.” – Nelson Mandela

I life well lived.

Remembrance Day

The 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month. Tomorrow is a National Holiday in Bermuda with shops, restaurants and businesses closed to remember those that were lost.

The island lost 125 brave men and women during the World Wars fighting overseas on behalf of the Brits, Americans and Canadians protecting the freedom of those back home on a 21 sq. mile island in the middle of the Atlantic.
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Fall from space

Did you watch that? It was insane. On You Tube 7.1m people watched Felix Baumgartner jump 24.2 miles from space, free-falling at over 700 mph for 4 minutes and 22 seconds and then with his parachute activated he floated to a landing in the New Mexico desert. The whole thing took 10 minutes.

It was incredible viewing, watching a man sit on a window ledge 128,000 feet in the sky with a view of the planet and then jump and spin through space at quicker than the speed of sound. Blokes a legend.
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Tour de Force

Over the years we have often had to dig deep to find a true “British sporting hero.” Bradley Wiggins has been at the pinnacle of his sport for sometime but these past couple of weeks he has burst into our lives with immaculate timing. There are just days left until the opening of the London Olympics and we hope for more British achievement, but it is hard to imagine anyone coming even close to what Bradley accomplished today.

Team player first, when Wiggins should’ve been swigging champagne and waving to adoring fans on the Champs-Élysées, he instead hurtled to the front of the peloton to give compatriot Mark Cavendish every chance of sprinting to victory, which he conclusively did. We must also remember that Chris Froome came 2nd overall to make the podium. Unfortunately both had to grin and bear Lesley Garrett mullering the national anthem, which would at least have given the Parisians a laugh.
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Wet weekend

Bit of a rubbish weekend really. Our little girl was struck down with gastroenteritis at the end of last week and didn’t eat for 4 days and could hardly keep anything down. A dinner we had planned with some friends Saturday we blew out and basically we just camped out in our bedroom watching a couple of films (Albert Nobbs and My Week With Marilyn) and of course the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant.

I had to laugh because I would get embroiled in so many arguments with Americans who used to say to me “I love London, but it always rains.”
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10 years ago today….

I was walking back from lunch with a client just by the steps to the Lloyds Building in the city when we heard a few whispers that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center in New York City. The whispers got more frantic and we walked into a nearby office and watched the tragic drama unfold on a television.

My client had a sister in New York and was desperate for news of her, while I thought about my colleagues that occupied 8 of the top floors in the No. 2 South Tower. 176 of whom sadly lost their lives, 2,606 altogether at the WTC site and 2,977 in total not including the 19 cowardly hijackers.

That terrible day still doesn’t seem real, it was so horrific that even the most creative of film writer hadn’t thought of a plot so deplorable.
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Pride and history

Day’s like today make me pretty homesick. All the pomp and ceromony, pride and history, flags and smiles. I love it.

Bermuda, as I understand it, is the only British colony without a day off today, even though Premier Paula Cox is at Buck Palace now quaffing bucks fizz. We were up early in our house this morning sat with our 18-month old watching the events unfold with our peanut butter on toast. The roads were quiet on the way into Hamilton this morning, but there does appear a real apathy here towards the future King’s wedding. No flags, no bunting, no smiles, no history. I’ve just put the telly on in the office though. Enjoy your days.

If you know your history

6 points from 45 is not big nor clever and I wonder how many of us actually have any expectations of Charlton getting any more than 54 points by the time the curtain is drawn over this awful season.

The next three opponents all have something to play for. Bristol Rovers have a poor home record, whereas Rochdale have one of the leagues best on the road, but both will desperately be trying for 3 points. Powell has recently installed a bit more desire in the players, but one is sceptical that this will be sufficient enough to claim victory against sides with greater targets.

Walsall are in the relegation dogfight like Rovers and by Saturday week the Sadlers will probably need to win to stay up. Then the Hartlepool fixture has all the makings of a harmless draw as both sets of players look to avoid a summer injury or an early season suspension. God, I’m a cynical old bugger aren’t I?
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