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O’Connell sold to Wrexham

What is that about. Signed in the summer on a long term contract that was championed as laying down a mark for the future, 22 apperances later we flog him to Wrexham because they wave a wad of money in our faces

O’Connell was decent enough for this level, we were relying on him prior to his injury, and now he is gone.

In all the WTF transfer window CAFC moments, that has to be up there. Charlton have now announced the move, a fair while after Wrexham were not slow to celebrate it. Quite a coup for them.

Holden clearly doesn’t fancy O’Connell, a manager on a 6 month contract making a decision on a player who has a 3-year contract. I suspect Holden had little say in the sale though.

Also tonight apparently Terrell Thomas is expected to sign for Duncan Ferguson’s Forest Green Rovers and Sam Lavelle, may possibly move to Burton to join Charlie Kirk, who was loaned out earlier today.

The roundabout of mediocrity continues. 6 monthly rebuilds of players freebies and nobodies.

Michael Hector (photo) has come in. A free agent, aged 30, and without a club for a long while. He was training with Sheffield Wednesday and has played just 8 games in more than two years.

Christ on a bike.

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  1. Shadow Play #

    It worries me that we sold Eoghan O’Connell yet Ryan Inniss who has a mistake a game in him looks like being preferred, given a choice I know which I’d prefer to trade on. What am I missing here? I could see O’Connell partnering Lucas Ness as our first choice centre-back pairing from here on. What do I know…

    Until his injury O’Connell looked ok, to be fair he had a few shaky games at the start of the season while he settled in, but he fitted Ben Garner’s play out from the back style of play and looked comfortable in possession, then he got injured. I’d have thought he was a Dean Holden type of player.

    Still at least we got money for a free transfer. It might just be that he wanted to return to the north. If he has family there that might explain it, but why sign for a team in south-east London if so?

    Assuming Sam Lavelle and Terell Thomas depart our centre-back options are going to be – Ryan Inniss, Lucas Ness and Michael Hector, or an injury and mistake prone player, a young but talented defender and a player who’ll be playing for a contract but is bound to need a few games to get up to speed. If he has a successful six months what’s to stop him looking elsewhere in the summer? Again we’ll be rebuilding the squad.

    January 31, 2023
  2. Alan Oakes #

    I think we maybe seeing the end of this club as we know it.. no one credible in( all unfit) and key name after key name gone. Jayseimi also gone..

    We certainly can’t complain about last day activity… ‘we want to see the club in a stronger position at the end of the window’ is and was a complete and utter lie

    Feeling very sad tonight as I only see a lot of dross ahead and don’t be surprised if we leave the Valley

    Oh I wish we were Newcastle ..

    January 31, 2023
  3. houndal #

    Cant blame O’Connell.
    Guaranteed 1st team football for a team that going to get promoted, double your money and a 2.5 year deal.
    What’s not to like, and he can get a nice estate in Cheshire.

    January 31, 2023
  4. houndal #

    You choose CA…..
    As for Prince Hector, well at least in true Charlton style we sign a player who allegedly failed (of failed to turn up) for his medical at Chef Wendy and has hardly played in 2 years………..

    January 31, 2023
  5. Keith #

    Break even ahead of common sense. Lavelle and O’Connell out Innis remaining. We are doomed.

    February 1, 2023

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