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Charlton Athletic 1 Bolton Wanderers 2

Where we got away with it at home to Barnsley a fortnight ago, we didn’t today against another good side who showed us the quality you need for a better than average chance of getting out of this league.

It was an entertaining watch, and we showed far more competitive spirit than we did prior to the departure of Garner, but Bolton were worthy winners even though it was another defensive cock-up that gave them the three points.

We were lucky to go in at the break just a goal down, although we were good in patches especially down the wings, Bolton were just good, and should have had more than the one goal, which was a stunning free-kick after 3 minutes. Was it a free-kick though? I don’t think so.

Albie Morgan got us rolling just after kick off in the 2nd half with a cracking finish after a good move, and we were even. It was better from us in the second forty-five, but Bolton just had another gear.

Bolton moved the ball well, created chances and had pace and organization at the back to thwart us. Credit to us for staying in the match but the better team were deserved winners.

Holden has done well to get a tune out of this team, but few of our lot would get into Bolton’s first team. Most definitely not Bonne or Inniss and on this showing nor new boy Penney.

Under Ian Evatt, Bolton has sustainably improved and he has had time to develop a style of play and even this week were active in the transfer market improving his options.

If we are to as we’re kept being told, have a better squad by next Tuesday than we did in December, then Andy Scott and Steve Gallen better get their finger out because we are a long way short of Barnsley and Bolton in quality.

Dean Holden: “I’m disappointed that we’ve lost the game because we came in with high hopes. But certainly that opening period of the second half for 20-25 minutes, I felt we showed we could toe to toe with a really good team.”

Stats (CAFC first): Possession – 45% / 55%; Passes – 307 / 396; Accurate passes – 195 / 277; Shots (on target) – 12 (5) / 28 (8).

Photo: Paul Edwards

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  1. Shadow Play #

    Fair play to Bolton, they deserved the win, they also showed us what we have to do and be if we are going to challenge for promotion. We might though have got away with a point but for another Ryan Inniss mistake, he won the header but rather than make the ball safe he gave it away carelessly, a common mistake from him this season. Good sides just don’t make those sort of errors – or at least very rarely.

    Albie Morgan took his goal well, but that was something like only his fourth goal in a hundred league matches, for an attacking midfielder who’s a good passer that isn’t a strong enough return.

    But we showed some signs of fight and determination in the second half, I can see the effect that Dean Holden is having on the squad.

    Let’s see what Tuesday brings…

    January 28, 2023
  2. Mike #

    Bolton were well deserved winners and are probally the best team in this division I have seen this season, but we could have got away with a draw, if it wasn’t for yet another total cock up Inniss! He is becoming a real liability at the back and just hope Holden must have seen another of his consistant errors and finally drops him. Steve Brown has said it before, that he just waits for his usual two in every game and you just have to hope that he gets away with them but you can’t keep on playing him if it carries on.

    Ness should now be our number one centre back as he has just filled that role as if he has been playing in our back line for ages and Holden should build his defence around him. He has played at left centre half right centre half and left back and has stood up to the challenge, wherever he has had to fill in, which is more than I can say for quite a few of the others!

    Plus it showed on highlights that the free kick should have never been given as Ness never touched him to give away the free kick, so it should have been one all anyway! 🙂

    January 28, 2023
  3. Let’s be honest,Bolton could have won this 4-1 if they had taken their chances.Our best passage of play was the ten or fifteen minutes after we scored,other than that we were second in every department. Bonne isn’t match fit and was isolated for most of the game.Once again we will be leaving things to the eleventh hour of the transfer window to get bodies in which will undoubtedly be ‘frees’ or loans.
    Here’s an idea for our recruitment department…..Jack Marriott from Peterborough. He’s unhappy there and getting zero game time.

    January 28, 2023
  4. houndal #

    47 shots at goal combined by Bolton (25) and Barnsley (22) tell their own story. And both games at home!!
    Yet another season finished by February with our mantra being “mired in mid table mediocrity”
    And that is putting it politely.

    January 28, 2023
  5. Trev #

    Perfectly summarised CA.
    I was under no illusions when I left the Barnsley game, whilst we managed a win, Barnsley were by far the better team. Yesterday, Bolton simply confirmed my suspicions and demonstrated to the Charlton Board (whoever they are these days) we’ve still a way to go before we can realistically challenge for promotion.

    January 29, 2023
  6. LP #

    If we are only bringing in loan players now what’s the point? Its too late for the play offs – and with holden i don’t think we will go down. Yes, if we are buying for next season. We need more physically strong players for this division – these sides are always massive compared to us and it can be the only reason innis gets in the side.

    January 29, 2023
  7. Wayne R #

    Whilst agreeing with virtually all the above comments can someone solve this mystery : Where was Leaburn ???? He is obviously our number one centre forward and I was surprised he did not start….I was amazed it was left so late in the game for him to eventually take part. Bonne should have been off at the 55 minute mark (even better if he had not started in the first place).

    January 29, 2023
  8. houndal #

    LP – Very good point. Any more loan players till the end of the season is indeed a complete waste of time and money. What exactly will it achieve?
    Clearly we are not buying for the future (if indeed we have one…..)

    January 29, 2023

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