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New signing alert

And just when you thought that was our lot. Thomas splashes the cash signs an ex-academy player who is a free agent.

Probably very unfair on the 26-year old centre-half, who spent 8-years with our academy but never played a first team game, mostly I suspect due to the revolving door of foreign imports at that time…. I’ll give you Marco Motta.

Welcome home Terell Thomas, who does at least give Ben Garner options at centre-half, even though the cynic in me knows that this was the only option Thomas gave Garner and Gallen in the new centre-back exchanges.

Thomas was at Crewe for the first part of last season making 19 appearances, but had his contract cancelled by mutual consent and then signed for Reading two months later. He played two games for The Royals at the end of last season and was then released.

In Thomas’ time out of contract this summer he played twice for St. Lucia in the the CONCACAF Nations League.

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  1. John Goss #

    Yep give the lad a decent chance he’ll possibly see how some of his colleagues have progressed and pull his socks up and kick on.

    September 8, 2022
  2. Chris #

    I’ve known of Terell and let’s hope he can add value to our defence…
    It could be worse it could be raining ….and it is here today !!

    September 8, 2022
  3. rierti #

    He gives us a viable alternative to Inniss as he is taller than O’Connell and Lavelle who are not great in aerial contests. I watched him regularly in the U23s when he was with us before. I seem to remember that he did well for AFC Wimbledon and left them to try a higher level with Wigan which did not work out for him.
    Maybe some one on one coaching from Pearce would be beneficial in the short term as at 26 his best years should be in front of him.
    He is also the type of defender that could be useful if we need an emergency No.9 as his height and pace could unsettle defenders.

    September 8, 2022
    • rierti #

      Sorry, I think my personal time clock is faulty, TT was at Wigan before Wimbledon

      September 8, 2022
  4. hellwolf1999 #

    Well he knows the club has some useful attributes and good experience at this level, just waiting on the promised forward being Kevin Lisbie…

    September 8, 2022
    • Chris #

      Rumor has it Derek ‘Killer’ Hales has been contacted by TS !!!!.

      September 8, 2022
      • greg brown #

        Hey, is Ron Saunders still around ??😂😂

        September 8, 2022
        • Proper Charlton legend that. He did pretty well at Villa too!

          September 8, 2022
          • Chris #

            Hi CA,
            Also did well as Charlton Manager for a spell….tough and no nonsense player for us too.

            September 8, 2022
    • NorfolkRed #

      Maybe Martin Sandgaard is planning on resurrecting his playing career as a centre forward? Nothing would surprise me now. This present ownership leaves me feeling totally underwhelmed, exasperated and angry. It’s a p***take.

      September 8, 2022
  5. houndal #

    Oh for another Clive Mendonca, ultimate legend.
    Part of me does see the issue about TS.
    As a club we are haemoraging £150k a month (or excess of £1.5m a year) on wasted
    wages to the likes of JFC (allegedly of the top earners), Chuks “legal theft”Aneke and Iness. Throw in a couple of others and we ae getting zero return on the outlay.
    So I do see why he wont spend with those millstones around the clubs neck.
    I am not surprised JFC did not move – no one would pay him anything like what he gets with us, so why should he move- just run the contract down and take the cut then. After all, above anything, footballers are really just mercenaries.
    Good luck to Thomas, he will need it.

    September 8, 2022
    • rierti #

      I think you are being unfair on JFC as I don’t think he has done much wrong. In the games where he has featured he has done well, the fact that he is out of favour with BG is down to BG, the midfield is occupied with moderate players who do not have the passing range of JFC. I think he signed his new contract this summer, if he was surplus to requirements why offer him a new contract under what appear now to be on over generous terms, that is surely down to TS and Gallen as BG was not in place. TS is obviously struggling financially and needs to move on or find a co-owner.

      September 8, 2022
      • Thomas offered both JFC and Inniss new contracts before BG arrived and sanctioned the signing of Aneke.

        September 8, 2022
        • Shadow Play #

          I think Ryan Inniss’s wages are on the low side so he’s worth a punt. I haven’t been overly impressed with him this year – at least so far, but on form he offers a physical presence which you need in L1.

          JFC we owed a one year deal to after injury. The rumour was that we couldn’t shift him on-loan this window. If he can recover the form of a couple of seasons ago then he’ll be worth the outlay. But will he get on the pitch this season? He’s behind a lot of players – Morgan, Fraser, McGrandles, Payne, plus a few Academy players etc.

          September 8, 2022
  6. houndal #

    CA – Why would a player sign a new contract without knowing who the new manager will be?
    As for sanctioning the signing of Aneke, don’t get me going again……………….I hope he has honed his skill on football manager. It’s the nearest he will get to playing.

    September 8, 2022
    • Houndal – you not a fan of Aneke? You’ve kept that to yourself 🤪

      September 8, 2022
  7. Shadow Play #

    Terell Thomas is a good squad signing, he’s spent most of his career at this level so the physicality of the football shouldn’t be a surprise. Realistically he won’t be a first or second choice starter but will be a cheap addition and should be ok in an emergency.

    September 8, 2022
  8. Mike #

    Terell Thomas did nothing when he was originally at Charlton and never got anywhere near the first team. Since leaving it hasn’t been much better with a short time at Wigan, Wimbledon in league 2, Crewe and then Reading for a couple of months, all who got rid of him! Why is he suddenly going to be this much better player, playing for Charlton a second time round?
    It’s yet another panic signing as we always get every year to try and make up the squad and fill the empty gaps!
    Surely would have been much better to get Elewere back from his loan, as he at least showed real promise and that he could perform at this level and would have only got better with some more game time!

    September 8, 2022
    • rierti #

      You are being a little harsh on TT’s previous term with us as in the U18s he was partnered with Gomes and Lennon who were outstanding at that time. Lennon’s severe injury prevented his progress. In U23s TT was regularly partnered by Konsa. Although not up to their standard he was very useful. It must also be remembered that breaking into the first team in the championship with Bauer, Pearce, and Sarr in place would have been difficult. I am confident that he will do a good job in comparison to the mediocre O’Connell and Lavelle. His time at AFC Wimbledon was whilst they were in Div1 and in our games against AFC W I thought he did well.

      September 10, 2022
  9. John Goss #

    Give the lad a chance. B.G. Will get the team sorted in a couple of years.

    September 8, 2022
    • Mike #

      He won’t be here in a couple of years! 🙂

      September 9, 2022

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