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Always believing

I think hand on heart we had all been waiting for this announcement, yet it still hurts all the same.

“Charlton Athletic can confirm the departure of men’s First-Team Coach Jason Euell.” (more)

Jason will be fine without Charlton, question is whether we will be fine without Jason, but with a new broom comes a new future, and with Scott Marshall announced as Ben Garner’s new first team assistant coach we are well and truly into a new era, which weirdly despite all of the off-field shenanigans this last decade, has had Jason Euell as a constant, and let us not forget the glory Premier League years and 39 goals.

I love Jason Euell, who doesn’t. Proper baller, proper coach, proper bloke. Charlton red will ever flow in his veins.

Something will be missing come the new season, but I feel that Ben Garner has the best possible chance of success if he is allowed his own ideas, his own people and his moment.

Good luck Jason. Always believing.

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  1. danny benstead #

    I said it earlier goodbye so sad to see you go what a player what a coach what a good all round bloke I hope he goes home to the wombles

    June 23, 2022
  2. Mike #

    Who’s next to go Avory? Euell along with Avory have done a tremendous job over the years with the youth team and under 23’s as we are the envy of most clubs in this division and also quite a few Championship clubs of bringing along our youngsters, but Sangaard appears to disregard that and wants to bring in his own team throughout the club, no matter what!
    If things don’t go to plan this season, there will be a lot of egg flying around and it will be landing on one person!

    June 23, 2022
  3. Perhaps we should change our name to Charlton & Swindon Athletic…..cant say I’m impressed with the recruitment so far….although the Irish lad looks half decent…..just hope in hell the hierarchy know what they are doing. I will give them all a chance and hope my worries are unfounded.
    Greg Brown

    June 23, 2022
  4. Wonder years #

    CA , are we living on fantasy Island ..

    RD working with TS to get rid of the club .

    Unless I am missing the point here .


    June 23, 2022
    • Wonder years #

      Keith Peacock , Colin Walsh and Bob Bolder next to be sacked from their hospitality duties , if they have not already resigned . The clown that said JJ was not sacked , get in the real world mate .

      June 23, 2022
    • Wonder years #

      Why don’t we just employ the whole Swindon town team , back room staff , tea maker , bottle washer , throw in a few Rochdale boys . So when we fight relegation
      it will hopefully be a cheap round , with the odd pork pie thrown in .

      June 23, 2022
  5. houndal #

    You guys need to take the blinkers off and look past all the “legend” and “great bloke” stuff and get real. Yes we all agree they are club legends and great blokes, but where was that getting us on the pitch – nowhere but mid table mediocrity. Look at the teams we are up against next season, and you quickly realise a huge change was needed just to compete. Yes we might not succeed, but lets give the new team a chance.
    For me I am excited to see what happens

    June 23, 2022
    • Yes, houndal can see all angles and we shall see in due course but not sure about these new players but the new brigade, for that is what it is can do.

      June 23, 2022
    • Wonder years #

      You need to get in the real world . JJ got us out of trouble . He was not backed Financially like the new Swindon regime . We were a decent premier team under Curbs. A decent championship side. Now a very below average div 3 club . Div 4 looming. RD must be laughing his head off.

      June 24, 2022
      • Shadow Play #

        JJ wasn’t banked financially? We spent money on Scott Fraser and Chuks Aneke in the January window and two loanees were recruited who would have cost us money.

        June 25, 2022
  6. Mike #

    houndal, not one of those players currently signed has ever player higher than the second division, apart from one first team game in the German League!
    So all are untested at a higher standard, hopefully one or two will be able to make the standard but at present this doesn’t appear to be the look of a team trying to get Charlton promoted. Even Garner, as a manager as only performed for one season in league two. Plus didn’t Swindon have the worst defence out of the top 10, which was one of the reasons they didn’t get promoted.
    I sincerely hope I am wrong, but at present not impressed with all these players being snapped up on Freebies from a lower league.

    June 24, 2022
  7. Chris #

    Jason has been a constant during all our turmoil and his influence on developing the U23 squad and his relationship with Steve Avory produced outstanding football.
    I personally think that it’s a step backwards and I question the appointment if so many Swindon players……just hope it will work.
    The fans will be patient for a while but I do worry about next season.
    Jason can now focus on his England role and if JJ has influence he would do a great job at Wimbledon….our loss their gain !!!

    June 24, 2022
  8. houndal #

    If the real world means the dross served up by Jackson you are welcome to it. I am not saying this will succeed, but I would much rather give it a go than watch more of what was served up last season. Yes we are currently a below average div3 club, which is where we would have stayed under Jackson. Now perhaps not.
    And I am all for hungry lower league players rather than overage has beens looking for a final pay packet.
    And what has RD got to do with it??

    June 24, 2022
  9. Chris #

    Don’t underestimate RD…..he still owns The Valley and Sparrows Lane….Thomas has not got the whole club and training round.
    Next season will be a real test of players and fans
    aiming for promotion as Thomas wants.

    June 24, 2022
    • Chris #

      Opps… apology

      June 24, 2022
    • Mike #

      Your right Chris, if when the time comes, who says RD will sell The Valley and Sparrows Lane to Sangaard? Especially if Charlton were doing well, he would probablly want more than its worth, plus he doesn’t have to take into account the amount Sangaard would have spent on improvements to the training ground, unless that was agreed prior to to renting it out!

      To houndal,
      Be careful what you wish for! If you had viewed what a lot of the Swindons fans, including the pundits, have said about Garner, the attacking style football has mostly been played away from home. Many of the home matches have been very poor with a defensive set up and they don’t seem to be able to play the same exciting pressing style of away football, at home matches.
      Remind you of last year at Home? Plus as with all fans, the vast majority want to see good football played on home turf, not so much away, where they are not there to see!

      June 24, 2022
      • And at this level it is really about winning, especially away, by hook or by crook. Agree if you are going to turn it on, let’s do that in front of the home faithful.

        June 24, 2022
  10. houndal #

    Mike, would you really prefer the turgid style of football under Jackson?
    How many match reports began with “yet another dire performance”

    June 24, 2022
  11. Shadow Play #

    I’m sorry to see Jason Euell go – but Ben Garner will want his own men in so I expect a couple of coaching appointments in the near future. I’m also happy that we are doing this up front/before the season starts and not in the middle of the season.

    We need to get organised off the pitch if we want to be organised on the pitch.

    June 25, 2022

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