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Welcome Mandela Egbo

Seems like a confident young lad. Attacking right back Mandela Egbo became the club’s second summer signing today penning a two-year contract with an option of a third.

The 24-year old was at Swindon at the end of last season under Ben Garner, signed just to keep fit initially, but Egbo had a star run in the team as Swindon made it into the L2 play-off’s.

Ben Garner has known the Brent born Egbo since he was 11, and if the introduction and interesting career path he has taken are anything to go by, then we look as if we’ve got ourselves a stick of dynamite.

After leaving Palace in the summer of 2019, Egbo has played in Germany and the USA returning at the end of 2021. He played for England at U16 and U18 level and was seen as a bright prospect at Selhurst.

On his move to Germany: “I’m at an age when people go away to uni. I’ve done the same thing. I’ve moved away to learn my craft, just as a student goes away to university.” (more)

Welcome to Charlton Mandela.

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  1. Chris #

    Mandela is a great signing…I’ve followed his career and have no doubts he will do the job.
    Welcome to CAFC Mandela !!

    June 21, 2022
  2. Mike #

    CA are we looking at the same player?, as from his previous clubs he looks more like a stick of Brighton rock than a stick of dynamite! 🙂
    He hardly played any first team football in Germany and must have been so poor when moving to the USA playing for Red Bulls in the MFL, that he only played 11 games for the first team and was then loaned to their reserve side in 2021 and departed in Nov 2021, just the sort of player Charlton normally sign!
    Looks as though this could be another Papa Souare from Palace, but at least he was only signed until the end of the season, but Mandela has been given a two year contract with a third year option, with hardly any first team experince. Lets hope I am wrong but his overall record, of clubs and playing time, especially in the MFL, doesn’t inspire any confidence at all and approx six to eight games playing for Swindon in January this year, can’t have suddenly made him an oustanding player worth giving a potential three year contract, just doesn’t make sense. After the CB signing from Rochdale I thought things were actually starting to look up, but this seems to be a backward step of just signing another player on the cheap as a freebie to make up the numbers, not a step up from Adams, Gunter and Purrington, who were all seasoned players but struggled.

    June 21, 2022
  3. Bob Miller #

    Mike, it would appear you are calling it right. Egbo really hasn’t cut it with anybody. Charlton needs to sign “quality” and in “quantity!” O’Connell seems a positive acquisition, but as of right now the senior squad is comprised of but 16 players and they sure aren’t all “quality.” There may be three or four academy players who can make the jump to play competitively at League One level, but where the bulk of a competitive starting eleven comes from is the big question right now. Gallen (?) has to reel them in, Sandgaard has to commit some significant dosh and Garner has to meld it all together. A daunting task indeed.

    June 21, 2022
    • Mike, Bob — I get it but a stick of dynamite can blow both ways. I’ll keep my options open on him.

      Chris may have more insight (above).

      June 21, 2022
      • Mike #

        What watching him play in the Reserves?
        I think Chris is either his agent or its MS in disguise again! 🙂

        June 23, 2022
  4. rierti #

    As I have mentioned previously I watched the play-off games between Swindon and Port Vale. I did not note Egbo as anything special, however, left back Iandolo caught the eye but he would cost money. TS talks big but his actions don’t match up. This appears to be a BG backed recruit so his credibility and judgement will soon be apparent. Having lost Purrington and Famewo we are very short of left footed defenders hopefully O’Connell is left footed. All the promising academy defenders are right footed with the exception of Bower but he probably will need more time to physically develop. Asiimwe who is still an U18 may give Egbo serious competition at right back and Clare could also be in contention as BG favours a back four. When available the central defenders will probably be two from Inniss, O’Connell and Elewere.

    June 22, 2022
    • Not forgetting Lavelle.

      June 22, 2022
      • rierti #

        I returned to your site as I realised I had forgotten Lavelle but you beat me to the punch. He will certainly be a candidate for central defence but he also has the build of a full back so that option may be a possibility. Possibly a freudian slip on my part as he did not impress me unduly.

        June 22, 2022
        • rierti #

          The Swindon comments on Egbo praise the attacking side of his game but are far from complimentary regarding his defensive capabilities. I revisited the highlights of the Port Vale v Swindon 2nd leg semi final and 5 minutes into the game he badly misjudges a cross from the left and the PV player behind him controls the ball and crosses for a tap in. What is going on at our once great club? I will be surprised if Garner lasts till Christmas.

          June 24, 2022

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