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Pearce ends his Charlton playing career

Club captain Jason Pearce will not be having his playing contract renewed. Pearce who is already way down the road with his coaching badges and runs the successful JP6 kids academy hopes to stay at the club in a coaching role, whilst playing elsewhere.

Pearce has been a terrific servant for the club playing over 150 games. He never shirked a tackle or a challenge and wore the shirt in every game as if his life depended on it. This season, maybe the last, was probably one too far, but what he lacked in ability and youth he made up for in bloody-mindedness. Or if all that failed he would just haul his opponent down.

Pearce follows Chris Gunter, Ben Watson and Pape Souaré in being told that their Charlton careers are over.

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  1. Paul #

    He is a true warrior.
    Let’s hope they don’t give Innis another year.

    May 2, 2022
  2. Mike #

    Pearce has been a good and loyal player but in all honesty, he really should have gone at the end of the season before.
    So that’s one now gone, now lets get the rest of the poor/injury prone players out of the door, Inniss, Gilbey, Adams, Purrington and Henderson plus not sign on our poor selection of loanees, Leko, Lee, and Famewo, who also aren’t up to it!.
    Would also question JFC be given another year, as he has had the same injury twice now and can’t see him getting anywhere near to the the same heights as he had achieved before, plus he will be even slower than previously, both of which were shown, apart from one game, on his return at the end of this season.
    Jackson, if he is to stay, must bring in some quality players, not quantity and injury prone duffs and also not be bringing in these stupid poor loanees,who are mostly worse than the players already on the books! He also can’t afford any sentiment or favouritism to certain players, which he definately has done with quite a few players this past season. Plus he has to make better use of his subs and not rigidly stick to this three at the back formation if it isn’t working and also give some of the very promising youngsters a chance, if they are good enough, rather than just swapping the same first team players around for the next game when we have lost, when neither have really been performing.
    Then, if the overall coaching is improved with the defenders being able to defend and keep clean sheets, the midfield being able to hold on to and pass the ball and the front men being able to hit the back of the net on a more regular basis and if Jackson can instill confidence and belief and get them playing as a team, then just maybe we could get at least into the top six, if not the top two!
    Oh well, sorry CA, I just got carried away that was just a pipe dream. 🙂

    May 2, 2022
  3. Terry #

    Its assumed that teams selection is down to Jackson, which it is not, It is up to the recruitment team of Gallen and Co. Jackson has his input but as TS explained earlier this year and as other teams have shown, quality players a team they do not make and we sometimes do not get the players we seek. When Jackson says that a “good bunch will be returning” I accept that for the time since I can only imagine who they might be. I would expect from the news that Pearce is leaving that the emphasis will be on youth so that fewer players will released at the end of their contracts – thus building a team which will compete at the upper levels of League One and the Championship. I’m personally thankful that fans do not chose the players in the team – what a nightmare that would be. Glad to see that the Club want to start this recruitment early so we have a preseason to gell new players to the team. Would also like Jackson to utilize subs more so they too become better first team players. Cannot but think that the lack of “progress” for Harness with the first team has some bearing on the 4-0 loss at Ipswich. COYR in 2022/23

    May 2, 2022

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