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Finish line

I guess we had this pencilled in as a potential promotion deciding fixture. As it is Portman Road becomes the finish line in a turgid season that has only been illuminated once or twice and has frankly dragged on since about February.

Yet, close to 2,000 Addicks will make the journey to Suffolk, a tremendous effort to see out the season. A crowd of almost 24,000 is expected only underlying the two club’s size and abject failure.

Both Ipswich and us had dreadful starts to the campaign, although they on paper at least had a far superior summer transfer window. There was a lot more building of expectation in Suffolk as the Tractor Boys signed pretty much anyone that was available. Just shows that it is quality and not quantity.

It’s interesting to note that when Adkins was sacked Ipswich were 9 places above us in the table. Meanwhile when Kieran McKenna took over at Ipswich in December, they were 11th, which is where they are today, a place above us.

John McGreal was caretaker when we beat Ipswich at The Valley 2-0, which was one of the few highlights of the season during Jacko’s caretaker phase.

As the curtain draws on the season, I hope it finds Addicks in good voice tomorrow and left with some optimism for what has to be a summer of hustle and intent.

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  1. Mike #

    Wonder how many promising youngsters will be given a start tomorrow by Jacko to see what they can do, as we have zero to play for?
    Answer, None, as he is more interested on finishing on a high note thinking that we will start the next season in the same fashion, though if Kanu is on the bench he may be given 2 mins at the end in extra time.
    Interestingly, the Ipswich manager says no matter whatever happens tomorrow, will have no bearing at all, on how Ipswich or Charlton will start next season, which I agree with and is pure common sense, which disagrees with Jackson’s fantasy land thoughts!
    Next season will be about who we bring in and who we ship out, which on showing throughout the season, should be about at least half of the first team, but no doubt most of the poor and injury prone players will be resigned and still be with us next season.
    Wouldn’t also be surprised if a good offer comes in for Blackett Taylor &/or Dobson, it will be taken! Plus also think we will still be lumbered with Kirk as can’t see Blackpool paying £500,000 for his services, but then that could be used as the excuse for selling BT, if sold, saying he has vastly improved playing in the Championship!

    April 29, 2022
  2. houndal #

    Blimey Mike nearly as pessimistic as me!
    Of course you are right. Apart from his obvious failings as a manager, Jackson firmly believes in jobs for the boys/mates. So of course the same old failures will be trotted out again tomorrow.
    And next season as well. We all know a summer of despair awaits, as we will no doubt be left shopping at last with all those last minute panic loans. And kiss goodbye to any promising youngsters – the cash will be grabbed if offered. Mind you is we can mug Chelsea for £1m – yes £1m for Burstow then perhaps pigs can fly.
    Just waiting now for the drivel from Jackson after tomorrows game – sure to be a classic to rival the best from Robinson.

    April 29, 2022

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