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Free as a bird

We are in Miami today just me and the free-as-a-bird-other-half. There are plans and motives and proposals of high-end shopping, high-jinks drinking, high-life eating and high-fidelity dancing, but let’s be honest we will probably be wrapped up in bed by 8.

The reason we are on our own is because our 12-year daughter is on her way to Barbados with the Bermuda swim team, after qualifying for CARIFTA, which is the Caribbean youth games (U18).

She travelled with her team mates and will stay with them and the coaches for the whole event which lasts until next Tuesday and takes place at the Barbados Aquatic Centre in the south of the country a couple of miles from the centre of the capital Bridgetown (photo).

We will fly down to Barbados to watch her tomorrow evening and stay until the end of the competition.

She is very excited, and we are very proud of her, but first a pina colada.. 🍸

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  1. houndal #

    Great achievement to represent your country. Good luck to your daughter.
    My eldest granddaughter, who is 7, was best in class for the most Easter eggs found!!
    Still time I suppose………

    April 14, 2022
    • 😂 Thanks houndal. No shame in being the fastest chocolate hunter.

      April 14, 2022
  2. Doug Morrison #

    We are Granddog—sitting whilst elder daughter and family languish in Barbados. Good luck to your daughter. In the meantime we have another match at the Valley; with all the usual pre-match trivia to be endured.
    When there was something to play for, if the Addicks lost it’d spoil my weekend. Now, after what became the habitual early goal concession, I just shrug shoulders and smile. Then check the Kent cricket score. (Remembering when Derek Ufton and Stuart Leary played for the County). I’m in my 68th year following Charlton; have stood in a crowd of (I think) of 77,000, when Everton were the old Div One visitors and we sang “When the red red Robin went bo-bo-Bobbin’ along. No Russian oligarchs to bother about; just the very decent and competent Thomas Sandgaard, without whom there’d be no Charlton. No Valley. We don’t have to put up with Premier League crap, claiming theCoach has “lost the dressing room.” Where the divas paid only to play their very best football, think they have a right to pull a very experienced manager to pieces instead of forensically studying their own many and varied shortcomings.
    Ole Gunnar was too good and too decent to survive at ManU. Jacko has no such travails to sidetrack his thinking. The basic are there for next season. But to seriously aim for the Championship, some of this seasonal stalwarts will have to move on. As the song says “That’s Life. Now, high on my third letter in three months appearing in the “Daily Telegraph” I can focus on today’s visitors Morecambe. What a perfect day for some footie..
    Doug Morrison
    The late Dr Kish’s “Favourite Glaswegian.”

    April 15, 2022

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