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Bolton Wanderers 2 Charlton Athletic 1

Welcome to mid table of League One. This is where we are.

Dreadful game where Bolton exploited our defensive weaknesses and unenforced errors. I’ve said this for a while but Akin Famewo is one minute Franz Beckenbauer, one minute Frank Spencer.

This side is a long way from a few players short of promotion, this is a rebuild job. The plus points were Fraser, Chuks and Lavelle coming on to give us basis point for next season. Conversely there needs to be some seriously tough calls on some of the others.

Bolton have been on very good form, and I’d taken a draw, and when we got back into it through Chuks and a well worked goal, I hoped that we could shut up shop, yet we gave away a silly free-kick and they snatched the winner.

Interestingly Jacko changed our shape and we looked better for it in the 2nd half. It might have been the first time Jacko had changed the formation, and this was something positive to take away at least.

Also, I have to say we look a different proposition front and back without Ryan Inniss. The next 15 games are so vital for him and us.

30 games played now. The league table does not lie.

Jacko: “I’m disappointed to lose. The goals we’ve given away are poor, it’s really disappointing. Another set-piece at the end there… it’s a needless foul to give away, but when you give it away you’ve got to defend your box.”

Ian Evatt: “Two years ago, if you had said we would have done the double over Charlton Athletic I think everyone would have bit your hand off.”

Photo credit: Kyle Andrews.

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  1. houndal #

    Pretty much confirmed, if needed, that the season is over.
    Worryingly, IMO, Jackson appears unable to get the players up, or the selection right, for a mid week slog in the North. And many other games of a similar ilk in this turgid division.
    15 games to try and sort the (little) wheat from the (many) chaff.
    Which leads on to my main gripe – what on earth was the point of taking om loan those two youngsters from the PL?
    Not even in the squad and going straight back at the end of the season. If someone can tell me what benefit having them here is to CAFC I would love to know.
    We have to look to next season and they are not part of that.
    Pointless and a complete waste of money (presuming we have to pick up part of the wages)
    You have to say at this point things do not look bright, given the likely hood of Sunderland and others remaining in L1, coupled with those coming down from championship – and not even mentioning Forest Green (OMG) coming up.
    Question is – does Sandgaard have the pocket for the complete rebuild required to make us at least contenders?

    February 9, 2022
    • Shadow Play #

      The two loanees…I think maybe they were brought in to play in the Academy side and possibly add a bit of depth to the First Team Squad in case of emergencies. We’ve sent a few Academy players out on loan so maybe their parent clubs wanted to give them a different challenge and it suits us to have good players in at that level. Otherwise I see no point in them being here.

      February 9, 2022
  2. houndal #

    On another subject.
    If it is true, as we are led to believe, that Jackson was appointed on a performance based contract, where does 4 wins in 11 games since his permanent appointment sit?
    And our next 5 games all against promotion contenders – Wigan, Oxford, MKD, Sheff Wed, and Sunderland. Might look even grimmer in a month’s time.

    February 9, 2022

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