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Chuks replaces Chuks

The player we never replaced has returned today on a three-and-half-year deal said to be worth £300,000.

Aneke scored 16 goals last season, and moved for a free to Birmingham during the summer. He has played 18 matches for Lee Bowyer’s side but only 370 minutes. He has scored twice this season and came on as sub in their last game.

Interesting move by Charlton, some may call it strange but I suspect their aren’t many 16 League One strikers available, and he is a known quantity as are his ongoing injury concerns.

He does at last give us some striking options, and I expect he will start on the bench tomorrow.

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  1. rierti #

    A long contract for somebody who had ongoing fitness issues in his previous 2 year term with us. I had thought that he could have been a loan option for the second half of this season. I hope it works out but I am sceptical.

    January 14, 2022
  2. While I welcome him back and hope he resumes where he left off but I have to ask the question, if he’s so happy to be back, why did he leave in the first place? Seems a contradiction to me.

    Of course I understand he was keen on championship football and more money but does this demonstrate that the grass isn’t always greener?

    January 14, 2022
  3. Mike #

    Bowyer must be laughing his socks off, he signed him for free when he didn’t want to resign for us, then gets £300,000 from Charlton to buy him back, a player who obviously still can’t play a full game and has also struggled to score in the Championship. Aneke must also be jumping for joy, as it doesn’t how many minutes he is able to play for us, he is now set up for his retirement with his 3.5 years contract!

    Sorry, but this smacks of desperation and I bet Charlton didn’t even give him a full and proper fitness medical, as he had hardly managed any full games the whole time when he was previously with us, let alone his time with Birmingham.
    Now we have two, good, but very injury prone players Inniss and Aneke in the squad. I bet between them they won’t even manage a full season next year and probably well less than that.

    Remember the last player we bought from Birmingham, our most expensive buy ever by Curbs, cost £3 million and he only lasted a few weeks. Charlton can’t have done a full medical on him, as it showed afterwards he had, had a lot of previous ongoing problems with his knees and had only just recovered from the latest bout when we signed him.

    I wonder if we still have the same person, who checks on players previous injuries and fitness record, before we sign them?

    January 14, 2022
    • Who was that Mike. I’m thinking Gary Poole or Gary Rowett.

      January 14, 2022
      • Mike #

        Gary Rowett CA, plus only last season we got rid of another injury prone player Lewis Page!

        January 15, 2022
  4. greg brown #

    Bittersweet I think.Nice to have a proven goalscorer back at this level,but a three and a half year contract and his history of being prone to injury are a worry.

    January 14, 2022
  5. Shadow Play #

    He’s a proven goal scorer in league one with a high ratio of goals to games played. Those 16 league goals were scored at the equivalent of one per 100 minutes.

    Yes his fitness is an issue as is his disciplinary record but we can use five subs a game and field seven subs so it’s not as though we are taking a massive gamble on a player who can only play half a game. I presume he’ll be used off the bench and let’s be honest in this league his physicality is needed and has been missed.

    We’ve struggled for goals this season, Washington and Stockley are a good partnership but they are not heavy goalscorers, neither are they in double figures this season (in the league) and in our last four proper matches (league and FA Cup) we have scored just one goal. I can’t really understand anyone criticising this deal when the next best goal scorer after Stockley and Washington is Ben Purrington with three goals. Lee, Leko, DJ, Lavelle are on two goals and Gilbey on just one. We need some firepower especially coming off the bench and we need some in the starting XI. This addresses one of those issues.

    January 14, 2022

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