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More loveliness from Hummel

About those kits then.

Hummel have been a terrific kit partner and have excelled themselves again with this season’s offerings.

The home shirt looks only slightly different from last season, and to me as long as it is red, and vitally the right shade of red, then I’m down. I like the black and white detailing on the shirt although I’d say the swords within the material running down it look more like arrows, but it still passes muster.

For our away kit we have reverted back to white, but it also has these dynamic red and black chevrons across it. All finished with simple black shorts and white socks.

Now the third kit is a beaut, and I hope we get to see it – possibly at Fleetwood and Lincoln in October. All black with a lighter tone on top of the chest, with gold trim and the famous sword proudly in gold solitude on the left side of the chest.

All the strips are again sponsored by locally based companies owned by Addicks’ supporting family, the Wisdom’s.

Hummel became our shirt designers and manufacturers in 2016 and we could argue have been our best signing in recent times. This is the Danish companies last year of their contract with us. Please, please re-sign.

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  1. David Coombe #

    Agreed in every aspect, COYA

    July 30, 2021
  2. Daggs #

    I guess it’s all about opinions. The Red shirt is awful. The White shirt is a total comedy. Only the Black has anything resembling class. Although I dislike Black shirts generally.
    At £50 a go, I’ll not be buying (Actually I stopped buying football shirts years ago) 🙂

    July 31, 2021
    • Haha. I guess it is. Mind you I won’t be buying one either ☺️

      August 1, 2021
  3. I agree with Daggs, the away kit is absolutely horrendous!

    July 31, 2021
  4. Addick of Oz #

    Love Hummel. Home kits a bit of a no shoe. But, At least they tried. 3rd kit is v cool

    July 31, 2021

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