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The Germans on Tuesday

Crazy couple of Euro games tonight. All the teams in Group F occupied each position during tonight’s games and of course in a lesson of precognition the Germans came back from being down and out by equalizing late and finishing 2nd in the group to meet…. England.

Of course.

Group E was also all over the map earlier with Spain finally finding their feet but they ended up second to Sweden and land in the much harder looking top half of the draw.

Croatia will play Spain in the last 16, and are boomeranged into the top half of the draw.

There was much said about England being better off finishing runners up in Group D, but with the the 3rd place lottery creating a lot more scenarios, winning the group has at least put us on a much easier path to the Final.

England v Germany on Tuesday at Wembley. Things are getting real kids.

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  1. God help us. We will never replicate the win that was magic with this team. Not only did we give them a real pasting, it was on their own turf.
    Southgate’s boys are not a patch in coming close and have not shown real quality throughout the last three games that will make anyone quake in their boots.
    I’m fearful, unless there is a change in tactics from defence minded play to players who have the skill to get behind opposition, then I’m afraid our team will suffer embarrassing defeat by the old enemy who will not be a pushover as their previous team of past years.
    I want us to do well, but Southgate is not the manager to shoot down the enemy and parade us victorious in this the iconic of all Football Stadium’s
    Sorry boys prove me wrong.

    June 24, 2021

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